healthy foodby Nora Wallace Walsh

It’s hard to maintain healthy food shopping habits. It is no accident that you may get easily distracted at the grocery store and buy more than you intend to. Supermarket chains spend thousands of dollars to know exactly how, where, when, and why you shop. They use this information to get you to linger longer, fill your basket, and spend more money than you intended to spend.

Helpful Tips for Healthy Food Shopping Habits:

Never shop on an empty stomach: If you shop on an empty stomach you are more prone to make impulse purchases that may not be the healthy food you were after.

Make a grocery list: Plan the meals you want to prepare for the next few days, look around your kitchen to see what you have on hand, and write down all the healthy foods and ingredients you need.

Shop the perimeter of the store: The healthiest food such as fresh produce, unprocessed meats and dairy products tend to be placed around the perimeter of the store. The unhealthy, processed, junk and sugary foods are usually in the middle aisles.

Avoid the end of the aisles: The end of every aisle is generally home to sale items and foods low in nutrients and high in added fat and sugar.

If you are only getting it because it is on sale, you probably don’t need it. If the item is on your list for greater health food and on sale you just saved some money but if it’s not keep on walking.

Choose fresh produce: Choose fresh fruits and vegetables that are firm, ripe and unblemished. Look out for mold and produce packed tightly together in small boxes. Buy only the amount of produce you need for a few days so it doesn’t spoil.

Leave the high fat, high calorie pastries alone: Choose 100% whole grain breads, not white breads made with refined flours.

Free yourself from free samples: Samples are often convenience items and ones that shouldn’t be on your list if you’re trying to eat healthier.

Use your label reading skills to determine if it’s really healthy food.

How Supermarkets Undermine Your Healthy Food Shopping Habits:

Many grocery stores strategically plan their baking times during the busiest hours of the day. It has been proven that shoppers pick up more items when the smell of fresh breads, cinnamon rolls, apple pie, and other treats are wafting through the store.

Think about the delicious meals you are shopping for and don’t let these smells get the best of you.

Just think, every time you’re time you’re tempted beyond what you need, you’re being manipulated by those supermarkets. So, stick to your healthy food shopping habits!

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