christian-carter-wideby Christian Carter

Dear Friend,

In case you’re curious, I ll take a minute and share a little bit about who I am, my experience, and my purpose for helping women create the relationships they want.

So you know, I believe there s no substitute for the feeling that comes from connecting with people about the real situations in their lives, and helping them grow more happy and fulfilled as time goes on. I’ve spent the last 5 years doing research, study and observation for my work in the dating and relationship area. In that time I’ve helped and reached several hundred thousand women become more successful with dating and their relationships through my eBook, newsletters and in-depth programs.

From an early age I was fortunate to have been surrounded by open and communicative women among my family and friends. Being raised by a single mom, and being surrounded by single women and women who were going through challenges in their relationships with men… I got to hear a whole range of female perspectives that most other young men don t hear and know or understand little about.

Being around these women in my family and friends, it was only as I was older that I began to realize that my experience as a man wasn’t the common everyday experience. Listening, hearing, talking about and wanting to understand what was going on in relationships for women from such a young age shaped me and gave me what I’ve come to see as a unique perspective.

As I matured, I began to intuitively understand what women were experiencing and what they were feeling as I listened to their stories and perspectives on men, emotions, relationships, and love.

I started to understand what “made sense” to them and how they saw the world and their interactions with men. I got to hear all kinds of “inside” stuff that women talk about with each other — the kinds of things that young men don t usually get to hear — on women s perspectives on dating, attraction, turnoffs, failed relationships, flirting, sex, infidelities, divorce… EVERYTHING.

The truth was, as a young man every single woman I met who saw that I was a boy who cared and listened wanted to tell me her story. Often so that I wouldn’t “be like the other guys.”

As I listened, one day a realization hit me-

First off, these women were all frustrated that men didn’t really get what was going on, and were making bonehead mistakes because of this.

But… just as MEN need to become better at understanding women and what they want… women also have to learn how men think and communicate to be successful in a relationship.

Men are different, but at the same time surprisingly similar to women in what they really need and want at a basic level.

Of course, I have my own story too…

I m 32 years old now and I live in California with my amazing girlfriend. I’ve been through my own challenges facing the unknown that is trying to find maturity as a man without a male role model, and I’ve grown and learned through all my dating and relationship experiences. I’ve had love and lost it. I’ve been a player and been played. I’ve hurt women and I’ve been hurt.

I’ve even gone through that typical “bachelor syndrome” where I’ve been in relationships, but secretly felt that I wasn’t ready to settle down or to commit. And I didn’t really know why or what to do about it at the time.

I’ve come up against and looked at my own issues as a man over and over before learning how to deal with them and find my way in love and a relationship- and like it is for most men and women in the process, it hasn’t all been easy. But I m happy to say that I’ve found and discovered some amazing truths, insights and tips along the way that are changing the lives and relationships of many women… and the men they re with.

One of the most fascinating things you can discover, as I did, is that there s a whole lot that happens BEFORE the moment when two people find each other and commit in a relationship. And these earlier stages and processes usually don t get much attention- although they are often the very foundation for everything that comes after them.

It s taken me years to share everything I’ve learned… but what I m sharing is helping thousands of women understand about men to get what they want with dating, love, and relationships.

My goal is one of service: to help every woman who reads my newsletters and checks out my programs to have the kind of amazing relationship she s always wanted with a man… without having to go through all the messy and hurtful stuff that could have easily been avoided had they known what was really going on, and what to do.

I wish you all the best in your life, and to the love you find and share. Thanks for reading.

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

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