textingHey, it’s Mike Fiore . . .

Here’s a letter from D. McNeese – she says . . .

“Thank you, Mike…

I have been single for 6 years. I could not keep a man interested. I am slim, blond and successful. Men ask me out often but then lose interest. I started using your program. WOW, now I have several men wanting me for ever, want to do things for me, flowers, perfume, gifts. I love it. Now I deciding IF I even want to pick one. One is an olympic champion, now a coach and very handsome, but the other is a doctor for a famous football team.

More important, I feel good about myself again, after a terrible marriage and divorce, it is great to feel good about myself again. I have started eating better, I work out and have joined a boot camp. I am on top of the world thanks to all the romance I am getting from the two men I am texting. Now to pick on. I love have this option now!

This program was worth every penny!!”

Thanks, D. That’s the kind of email that gets me doing backflips of joy every time I get it. Good luck with your “embarrassment of riches.”

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Melissa asks . . .

“My boyfriend has SAD and is currently suffering from depression. In April I noticed he started saying I love you less and that was the time he told me his depression was lasting longer than normal. He finally went to a doctor in September and was placed on meds for his depression.

We done a lot together in the past few months and I love his son, but December he told me he didn’t know if he loved me anymore, we’ve been together almost two years and yet he still wanted me to spend the holidays with his family. His meds were not working right, and he just had them changed, but I’m not sure if changing them will change anything.

I’m just so confused about what to do because I love him very much.”

Hey Melissa,

Thanks for your email. Honestly (especially around the Holidays each year), my inbox is FLOODED with women in situations like yours.

Anyway, a couple big things here:

1. It’s AWESOME that you’re not blaming yourself for your man’s moods.

Too many women in your situation would be writing me asking “what they did wrong” to cause his problems.

SAD (and depression in general) are awful things and can be as hard on a partner as they can be on the man or woman suffering from them.

That said . . .

2. It’s not your job to make him happy.

This is a point I hammer over and over again, but your boyfriend’s happiness is his own responsibility (and your happiness is your responsibility.)

Your job in a relationship is to be a great girlfriend/wife/partner in crime.

He’s in a place of self loathing and feeling worthless right now and it really has nothing to do with you.

I know you love him and his son and want things to be perfect, but all you can really do in this case is be supportive, help him find the meds he needs and continue to be awesome.

Believe me, I wish there was a magic button, but you need to focus on yourself right now.

Finally, Helen asks . . .

“Mike! Love your emails and I tell all my friends to follow your stuff. You’re always telling us what TO text guys, but what SHOULDN’T I text to a man?”

Hey Helen,

Great question.

Actually, I cover this in “Text The Romance Back” in quite a bit of detail . . .

But in general you should never text a man . . .

* Boring stuff (“Honey, pick up the eggs”) because you want to establish texting as a “Romantic” and “sensual” channel.

* Needy stuff (“Do you love me? Do you really love me?”) because neediness is like absolute Kryptonite to a man’s desire and will have him running for the hills (Confidence is incredibly sexy.)

* Critical stuff (“Here’s what I HATE about you”) because it’ll have him ignoring your texts.

Of course if you want to know what you SHOULD text you’ll want to check out “Text The Romance Back” (like over 8,497 women have before you.)

Just imagine what a few tiny texts could do to make everything different…


Mike Fiore

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