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Do you always gain weight when you’re on vacation or traveling away from home?

If you hate those dreaded “vacation pounds” as much as I do, and you’re ready to STOP gaining weight every time you travel, then this will be one of the most important emails you ever read…

Here’s what got me thinking about this…
This past weekend, I went on my first “fun” vacation in MONTHS. Me and a group of my friends went up to San Francisco for the “Love Fest” – an outdoor festival where more than 10,000 people all gathered to dance, laugh and celebrate… LOVE.

It was a great time to just let loose and enjoy life.

Here I am dancing on the streets of San Francisco, overwhelmed by joy and happiness.

You know that sticking to a healthy diet and exercise schedule can be hard when you’re traveling and away from home… but thankfully, I’ve got this down to a SCIENCE.

Before I had all of this figured out, every time I would go away on vacation (even if it was for only a few days)… I would completely fall “off-track” and I would gain SO much weight.

I would use my vacation as an excuse to just go “hog wild”, eat everything in sight, be lazy, and I had NO self-control… it was always SO easy to just fall back into my really un-healthy eating habits.

By the time my vacation was over, I would be so deep into my “who cares” attitude, and I would feel so GUILTY about all the damage I had done to myself….

That it was IMPOSSIBLE to motivate myself to go back to my healthy habits once I was back home.

And all those extra “vacation pounds” I gained would make me feel like it was hopeless.

Has this ever happened to you?

After years of struggling through this… and even being AFRAID to go on vacation out of fear that I would gain so much weight, I’ve finally realized that if I can STAY on track while I’m on vacation…

Then I won’t come home feeling like a pig and hating myself for gaining weight.

And now that I’ve got this figured out, I actually ENJOY traveling so much more… because I come home full of happy thoughts and feeling PROUD of myself for giving myself the same “self-care” as I do when I’m at home.

Sound good?

I want you to have that same sense of self-fulfillment and pride… and to save you from those dreaded “vacation pounds” that everyone just accepts as part of the travel package.

Here are some tips to get you there…

Being out of your every day, normal schedule can be overwhelming. And it’s easy to say “forget it” and just let it all go.

But if you follow these simple tips to stay “on-track” with your health and weight loss goals, then you will ENJOY your time away so much more… because you will not be consumed with guilt.

Also, sticking to your healthy habits while you’re traveling also makes you FEEL so much better. You have MORE energy, MORE happy thoughts and LESS bloating and weight gain.

And I don’t know about you, but when I’m bloated and my stomach is sick from eating un-healthy foods, it does NOT make an enjoyable vacation.

When you try these tips, you’ll be able to be more PRESENT and have more FUN enjoying the time you have on vacation.

1. Discover Local Restaurants

This is something that I’ve noticed… the BIGGER the restaurant chain, the more UN-HEALTHY the food. Think about it…

If the restaurant is a big chain restaurant with hundreds or even thousands of restaurants all over the country or world… then that means the menu is always the same.

No matter what city or country you are in, if you recognize that restaurant’s name, then you EXPECT to get the same dishes, right?

That means that all of those dishes on the menu have to TASTE the same… no matter where you are. And in order to have consistent tastes and flavors to the dish that everyone knows, then the restaurant has to mass-produce the recipe in some way.

And how do they do that?

By adding chemical flavorings and preservatives.

I’ve worked in big chain restaurants in the past and every morning, there is a “shipment” that comes in with all the sauces, soups, frozen meats, frozen vegetables and everything else they need to make the same dishes day in and day out.

So what does that mean?

This food came from some other factory somewhere where they produced all of these dishes, packaged them up… and then they are shipped out to all of the chain restaurants.

And because the shipping may take days or weeks depending on how far away the local restaurant is from the factory, they LOAD these foods with chemicals and preservatives so that they arrive TASTING the way they want them to.

See, these restaurants are not concerned with nutrition or the health of their foods… they want to give you a CONSISTENT experience when you dine with them.

In other words, they are only concerned about preserving the flavor of the dishes.

So why is this so bad?

All those chemicals and preservatives that they are putting in foods is the #1 reason why we keep gaining weight.

That’s the first thing I figured out that turned me on my path of healthy weight loss… and that’s why I’m always telling you about the 3C Rule – “Count CHEMICALS, Not Calories”

If you only do ONE thing for your health and eliminate the CHEMICALS that they are putting in all of the processed foods, then you will start to lose weight. I promise.

And that’s just as important for when you’re eating out at a restaurant.

When you find local, small “mom and pop” and “family owned” restaurants where there are actual cooks in the kitchen chopping fresh vegetables, making their own sauces and using fresh herbs, spices and seasonings to flavor their dishes…

This is NATURAL food.

This is the way humans are supposed to eat.

When you load your body with chemicals, your body bloats up, stores fat and literally starts to fall apart.

Stay healthy while you’re traveling. Stay away from the BIG chain restaurants.

Eat NATURAL foods from fresh, local restaurants where they are actually cooking and preparing the food FROM SCRATCH right there in the kitchen.

… And a big part of traveling is having new adventures! Discovering a fresh local restaurant is exciting and healthy for you.

2. Cut Your Restaurant Meals In Half
Even if you are eating fresh, healthy meals from local restaurants, the serving sizes today are WAY too big.

The need to please the “value conscious” consumer has driven the restaurants to make their portions larger and larger. They are competing for your business to be the best value for your money.

And that’s a good thing because you do get more food for your money…

But when you eat the ENTIRE restaurant dish in one meal, this will send your blood sugar levels skyrocketing. And this spike in your blood sugar causes insulin to be released and this is what makes your body store fat.

You see, it’s not enough to just eat healthy food. You have to also be CONSCIOUS of how big your meals are every time you eat.

This is something that I really struggled with in the beginning because I was so used to stuffing myself silly at EVERY meal.

It wasn’t until I started to be very PRESENT and CONSCIOUS while I was eating that I was able to turn this bad eating habit around.

If you’re struggling with NOT stuffing yourself at every meal, then you can learn more about how to stop this destructive habit in my eBook.

I know how important this is and that’s why I’ve spent an entire chapter going deep into the psychology of over-eating and teaching you how to break this habit FOR GOOD.

I call it the “Okinawa Principal” and it’s about only eating until you are 80% full. I named it after the people who live on the island of Okinawa because thy are the healthiest culture that has ever lived… and they are RAISED with this principal.

Not only do they have the lowest rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and depression… but they also live the longest.

That’s because they NEVER stuff themselves. They always leave room for the “spiritual energy” of the food.

… And when you become CONSCIOUS about how much you are eating, that’s really what this becomes – a “spiritual” practice to honor your highest intentions from your highest SELF.

Whoever thought eating could be so rewarding?

It is.

And it can be for you too.

By cutting your meals in half and eating half now and then saving the other half to eat in 2 hours…

You will be following the Okinawans and eating until you are 80% full… and this will leave you with MORE energy, a FASTER metabolism, and LESS weight while you’re on vacation.

3. Find “Balance” In Your Vacation Time

Being on vacation is an exciting time!

You are making memories that you can reflect on when you’re feeling down, you’re celebrating the JOY of living, and you’re REWARDING yourself for all the hard work and effort you put into your daily life.

But that doesn’t mean that you should put NO effort into your health while you’re away. In fact, the more you GIVE yourself the gift of health… the more you will GAIN from your vacation time.

By finding a healthy BALANCE in your relaxation and “play” time, then you will get so much more out of this reguvinating time.

So many people go away on vacation and lay around all day long. And while that can be fun and relaxing… it can also DRAIN you and make you gain weight.

Did you know that your body is meant to move on a daily basis?

That’s how our bodies were created – for DAILY activity and movement. And by doing just a little bit of “funning out” (that’s what I like to call it instead of working out)…

Then you will have MORE energy and FEEL better because you will release toxins and negative thoughts from your mind.

And becaue I think of my exercise time as my “play time”, I always try to incorporate some kind of FUN physical activity into my vacation.

It’s a great oportunity to try new activities that you never have before!

By taking some time to “fun out” even while you’re on vacation, you will ENJOY your vacation so much more and you will LOVE yourself more for doing it.

Now just as important as physical activity and body movement… there is also the other side of the pendulum swing – the RELAXATION time for your body and mind.

Sitting by a pool, sipping drinks can be relaxing… but I’m talking about something deeper here.

I’m talking about CONSCIOUS relaxation.

Go and find a quiet, peaceful place where you can quiet your thoughts and go “inward” to that peaceful place inside of you.

Spend some time just focusing on your breath or meditating with nature so that your body can relax and your mind can un-wind.

Why is this so important for keeping away those “vacation pounds”?

Because if your mind and body are overwhelmed with stress, you will be more likely to “pig-out” and over-eat in order to feel good.

See, it’s natural and normal for us to seek pleasure. When you are on the “healthy path” and CONSCIOUS of your SELF-care, then you find ways to give yourself these feel-good feelings in HEALTHY ways.

And calming the body and mind with meditation is one of the HEALTHIEST ways to get these pleasurable sensations.

If you don’t take this time to unwind and CONSCIOUSLY relax, then you will return from your vacation even more stressed out than when you left.

In other words, you will need a vacation AFTER your vacation.

When you find BALANCE in your vacation time by “funning out” and CONSCIOUSLY relaxing your body and mind, then you will be amazed at how rejuvenated, peaceful and happy you feel after your vacation…

And you will also notice how much THINNER and HEALTHIER you feel.

By following these simple tips while you’re on vacation or traveling away from home, you will never have to worry about those dreaded “vacation pounds” again.

In fact… you will experience a DEEPER sense of health.

This is the health that comes from INSIDE of you, knowing that instead of following some temporary diet where you lose weight and then gain it all back again… this is the NEW you.

You are on the path of health and getting healthier and healthier EVERY year of your life.

I know that you deserve the BEST that this life has to offer. You DESERVE to have a healthy body, a peaceful mind and a radiant spirit.

I believe in you.

I know that you are on this path because you are ready.

Your Friend,
Love and Light, Andr a

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