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News Flash: Men Want Commitment

If you’re casually dating a man, and it’s been a while and you still haven’t had “the talk,” you might be in for trouble when you do.


Because this is the exact moment when lots of women accidentally kill the attraction and interest that was building and turn a man off from a more committed relationship.

Isn’t that crazy?  By trying to talk to a man about your commitment, you actually end up making things worse, and then he withdraws.

It doesn’t have to work this way.

The Truth about Men and Commitment

The truth is, most men want relationships but they’re straight-out terrified of committing to the wrong woman who they feel is going to make life harder for them.

When most women end up talking about or wanting a commitment before a man does, it almost always creates negative conflict and unnecessary heartache – even if he seems to have a great connection with you.

There’s a huge difference in being a woman a man will spend time with, or being the kind of woman who makes a man feel so incredible when he’s around her that he doesn’t ever want to be without her.

So what do you do when he says things like “you’re amazing”, but he just can’t commit to you?

The Many Faces of Attraction:

When a man is always complimenting you, what he’s telling you is that he is very attracted to you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants to have a real, committed relationship with you.

Here’s where a lot of women get confused. And I don’t blame them, actually. Men can be confusing.

One minute you’re “amazing” and the next minute, they’re pushing you away. What’s up with that?!

He’s probably having doubts about a long-term relationship with you. He may be asking himself if it’s the right time. If you’re the right woman. If his life would be better with you than without you.

When he’s with you, he has doubts about your relationship for whatever reason. But when he’s apart from you, he realizes that the experience he really wants with a woman isn’t so easy to find.

Not Feeling the Commitment

For some reason, he’s just not feeling what he needs to feel in order to make the conscious decision that you’re “the one” for him.

There’s a huge difference in being a woman a man will spend time with, or being the kind of woman who makes a man feel so incredible when he’s around her that he doesn’t ever want to be without her.

The difference is all in the EMOTIONS he feels when he’s with you.

Creating The Right Emotions for Commitment

Here’s something quite simple: men want to feel good around you. When you’ve built up enough “good” experiences with a man, he’ll want to have more of that in his life and keep you around. You want to create a positive, fun, exciting and interesting environment that he wants to be a part of. So how do you do this?

* Keep your early interactions with him short and fun. Avoid serious topics, and keep the conversations interesting.
* Focus on creating a better moment in the present instead of thinking about what’s going to happen in the future. If you make now good, the future will be even better.
* Stay in control of your emotions. When you’re overcome with emotions, stop and think. Don’t feel the need to blurt everything out.
* Be playful. Challenge his thoughts and character in a playful way instead of prosecuting and criticizing.

In my eBook Catch Him and Keep Him, I explain what kind of an emotional experience a man needs to have with you to want to commit to you and how to trigger that all-important EMOTIONAL ATTRACTION in him.

No matter how much you want a relationship to work, or try to make it work from your end, a man has his own reasons and his own timeline for making a commitment to one woman.

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