love tipsby Allana Pratt

Here are my heartfelt wishes and love tips for you in this New Year…

1. Focus on how far you’ve come. It’s FAR baby. Celebrate with some dancing, a brisk walk in nature, an extra-long hug with a beloved and make sure they let go first…

2. Breathe a FULL breath, hold it, think of something fabulous and sexy, let your breath go and smile just like after an orgasm…and be grateful you’re vibrant, amazing
and alive.

3. Smile at a stranger imagining you could read their thoughts and they just said you were the hottest creature they’ve ever seen.

4. Eat something delicious at a holiday gathering and make 500% more expressive noise of how yummy and luscious it is… and enjoy how you fill the room with JOY and pleasure!

5. When you are with the annoying relatives, remember what you’re really seeing is their scared little girl or boy inside wanting love… have compassion and don’t engage.

6. Don’t worry about eating too much this holiday. Eat every thing you want yet slow down and savor each bite to the FULLEST and notice how you don’t eat very much at all.

7. Remember that if you compare yourself to others, you’re setting yourself up to be competitive, separate and triggered. You are JUST where you are meant to be. And you’re lovely.

8. If in seeing where you are is not pleasing, first tell the truth that you got yourself here, alchemize the lessons from this vantage point, forgive yourself or others, then create a vision of what turns you on instead.

9. Feel the feelings and see the pictures of being there in that delicious future, delight each day affirming, ” I wonder what next glorious step toward my vision will be revealed today!” Affirm it with the kids too…

10. Celebrate the NOW fully and radiantly. It makes room for your delicious vision to grace your feet with ease and velocity.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year with love, deliciously yours, Allana

p.s. I am humbled and grateful for the honor of loving you

With love, Allana Pratt

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