by Kathryn Weber

When Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich he concluded that a very important aspect in the process of gaining wealth was tied to sex. He said that “The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability.” This seat of power and the ability to create is uniquely tied to feng shui.

What’s especially interesting about sex and money in feng shui is that the wealth sector is also associated with the number four. Four is the number associated with romance and sex, academic achievement, sales, and writing. So, you could say that the number four is associated with creation and generation.

The problem with sex is that as you age, sexual activity lessens and not just because of lack of interest, although that certainly does happen, but because fatigue, work, stress, child-rearing and household duties get in the way.

Feng shui teaches that energy flows where energy goes. A German study confirms this. In a study of 32,000 couples, many who stopped having sex reported that the trend of little or no sex only became worse. In other words, less sex leads to even less or no sex.

But sex is good. We need to have sex.

Making love makes us happy and content, relieves physical tension in all parts of the body (not just you-know-where) and is an important part of a committed relationship. Think about making love with your partner and think about how it feels to have a wad of cash. Both make you smile. See the link? Interestingly, some of the times that I have been the most cash-strapped I also had less love and when the money was good so was the canoodling.

But is all sex good? No.

The committed, loving type is what we’re after. This is the basis of good feng shui and good love – and is where the money-making potential resides. Promiscuity never makes you feel better, and it usually makes you feel worse.

What if you’re lacking a partner? Rather than going trolling in a trench coat to bars and taking the walk of shame in the morning that makes you feel terrible (and takes your money-making energy with it), make a romantic date with yourself. (No, not that way, but hey, if you wanna, I won’t judge you). Instead, treat yourself to some luxurious lingerie, nice sheets, scented candle, read a romance novel or watch a romantic move with some wine. Just treat yourself nice. You’ll love yourself for it.

If you do have a partner and your love life needs a jump start, follow this checklist to improve your love life and start the creative flow in the bedroom — and in your pocketbook!

Schedule sex each week. That’s right, put it on the calendar. Rather than lacking spontaneity, scheduling intimate time together means that your love (and your cash) is important. Honor your creative and generating abilities – and your partnership – by making time for sex and romance.

Have fun. Try a game, go “parking” in the garage, do a strip-tease. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, but don’t hide under the covers either! Fun is good feng shui.

Seek sensuality. Being sensual and romantic is extremely beneficial for a relationship rather than cheap, nasty, and wham-bam (well, unless that’s what you need). Get some great-feeling new sheets for your bed. Buy a soft and nubby throw for the bed or maybe one of those awesome fur throws. Get your skin used to feeling wonderful textures. Get a body polish (my favorite!) at your local spa and a massage afterwards. Your skin will feel like silk – to you and to your honey.

Get hormones. OK, girls: let’s face it, the angry, witchy wife is nobody’s friend and will scare off even the most hard-up husband. If you would rather clean your toenails than have sex, something is wrong. Get to your GYN and get some hormones or some help — you don’t have to retire to a convent because your libido is low.

Hold your horses. OK, guys: let’s face it, you’re always ready no matter what. Well, we aren’t. If you’re a guy and you’re reading this, I’m going to tell you what your sweetie won’t. No woman likes to show interest and then you go from 0 to 120 MPH in an instant. Slow down, talk to her, touch her and then see what happens.

Make a date for no sex. Sounds boring, right? Well, make a date for the bedroom and do anything but have sex. I guarantee you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other. Works like a charm and gets everybody fired up.

Revitalizing love with feng shui
Remove pictures of everyone except the couple in the room – especially the kids.
Remove all work objects (computers, phones, piles of paper)
Make sure your bed is up to the task and doesn’t squeak, creak, or feel like it will break with a little activity
Place a happy photo of the two of you in the bedroom
Get rid of any and all plants or flowers – these kill romance
Have two bedside tables with matching lamps. You need bedroom parity for both partners.

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