fallby Lori Ann Robinson

This is always an interesting time of year to shop. In the stores are beautiful woolens, tweeds and cashmere, and in some areas of the country it is still brutally hot and humid. Hardly the right weather for trying on, or buying heavier clothing, let alone anything with sleeves! Considering this year is flying by, Fall will be here before you can say “Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.”

Colors and Fabrics:

How many times can you say PURPLE! A variation for everyone.There all cool purples and warm purples.
Pumpkin, Mustard, Bottle Green, All Berry hues, Gray, Our ol’ friend Black, Beiges, Creams, Neutrals and Metallics abound.
Lots of plaids, florals, stripes, chiffons, tweeds (menswear fabrics), knubby textures, suede and leather

1) Cardigans– I love this item of clothing! So versatile and a nice change from wearing a jacket. Try the longer versions (kinda the boyfriend look), and if you have a great waist show it off with a belt over the cardigan.

2) Skirts– the pencil is still here, and the A line is back. Skirt lengths vary, to the knee, and the long mid-calf has returned (wear ‘a la 70’s with boots).

3) Ruffles, Flounces, Lace– the feminine look is back in full bloom. If you are going to try it, make sure you buy with your frame in mind. BIG ruffles on a petite women look silly. Don’t get overpowered by the extra fabric. Lace always has a sexy look and connotation. Be careful of lace in an office setting.

4) Pants– so many shapes and styles to choose from! Anything goes right now, from super skinny to slouchy styles. Whatever you choose make sure the fit and proportion is correct for you.

5) Embellishments– sparkle and embroidered details, mostly around neckline, which always makes us look really bright and pretty. Lots of bronze.

6) Dresses– Great sheath styles. Many are sleeveless or have a short sleeve. This dress screams for a cardie or fabulous jacket in colder climates. This is one of my favorite classics, if you love this style and it is right for your body type, stock up this season. A very Jackie O look. Also seen are dresses with a tight bodice and fuller skirts. A bit more forgiving if hips are fuller.

7) Fur… if you dare- make mine faux, please! Vests and jackets seem to take the style lead.Think chic rocker. If this is just “to-to” for you, and you like this look, then find something with a hint of fur trim that is the way to go.


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