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Love is the biggest thing in life.


Because without Love, life hardly seems worth living.

With Love, you can still have hope and a sense of possibility and something comforting to hold on to when darkness looms.

Yet you may be one of those who feel doomed to live without Love – even though your ancestors adore you, your angels would do anything for you and God loves you like you’re the greatest person on Earth (which, by the way – you are)

Why is that?

Because you look for Love outside of yourself.

When you give Love to yourself, you stop placing the responsibility for your happiness on someone else.

And you free yourself from the deeply demeaning delusion that someone will love you if you just please them enough.

Instead, you open up to receive Love more deeply and richly than ever before – because you can only ever receive as much love as you give yourself.

Would you like to start doing that now?


Are you willing to release any and all abuse, abandonment, rejection, regret, disapproval, judgment, condemnation, punishment, or self-hatred you may be carrying right now?

Is it okay to fill every cell in your body with the energy of Unconditional Love, and show you why it’s safe and why you’re worthy of this Love right now?

Is it okay to show you everything you need to know, feel and recognize how truly, gloriously lovable you are right now?

If so, say “Yes” out loud now* and feel the energy coming in through the top of your head.

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what you know now that you didn’t know before. And give thanks for it!

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