Hi, this is your friend Moira Shepard with this week’s Miracle Minute:

Here’s a thought from the great philosopher Ernest Holmes, founder of Science of Mind:

The illusion is in the way we look at things – now we must look at harmony, happiness, plenty, prosperity, peace and right action, until they appear.

We’re all graduates of MSU – Making Stuff Up.

We make up stories about why someone didn’t love us; why we’ll never get the promotion we’ve been working toward; why it (whatever “it” is) will never work.

Since one story is just as true or false as another, what would happen if you made up stories that support your magnificence?

Just in this moment, allow yourself to look at harmony, happiness, plenty, prosperity, peace and right action – until they appear.

Would you like to know how to do that? Would you like to know how it feels to hold the space for these conditions to come into your daily life right now? Say “Yes” out loud now* and feel the energy flowing in through the top of your head.

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about your life in the coming week. And if you give thanks for those changes, it will trigger more miracles.

That’s your Miracle Minute with Moira Shepard. See you next week. Have a miraculous Monday!

Moira is a friend of mine, and she’s quite an extraordinary woman, with an amazing, hard-to-imagine and hard-to-top personal success and healing story. To get your own Miracle Minutes, and access everything else on her website, just go to MiraclesWithMoira.

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