Hi, this is your friend Moira Shepard with this week’s Miracle Minute.

Here is a thought from Stephen Covey, the American author and business guru:

“Live out of your imagination, not your history.”

So many of us tell ourselves, I’ve never been rich/enjoyed good health/found true and lasting love – therefore, it will never happen! We believe our past dictates our future.

Fact is, you once were an infant who could neither read nor walk. Yet now you’re an adult who can do those things, even though you had never done them before. It’s part of life for us to grow and learn.

Would you like to know how possible it is, how worthy you are, and how safe it is for you to be rich now? To find true and lasting love now? To enjoy superb health all your life, starting now? Would you like to know what it feels like to do those things, and what will really happen if you do?

If so, say “Yes” out loud right now and feel the energy flowing in through the top of your head.

(Seriously. This energetic download will only go in with your verbal permission, because we honor your free will. If you want it, say “Yes” out loud. This makes you a co-creator in the healing, giving it more depth and power.)

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about your life in the coming week. And if you give thanks for those changes, it will trigger more healings.

That’s your Miracle Minute with Moira Shepard.

Now, On a Personal Note:

As your basic recovering workaholic, I was astonished to realize that serious playtime had been scheduled into every single day of the past week. Parties, spa visits, a fashion show – all kinds of cool stuff. It’s been tons of fun!

– Preparing to launch a new week full of productive as well as playful activities, I feel relaxed and nurtured. It’s easy to forget how refreshing a change of routine can be. It’s like going on vacation without having to leave town

– In my life before the back injury that left me paralyzed and bedridden for seven years, there were plenty of parties, screenings and nights out dancing with friends.

– Yet there was an edge of self-destructive frenzy about it. I was hiding from a lot of pain and guilt and self-doubt. The playtime distracted me from the hole in my soul.

– After my back injury, the seven years in bed forced me to be still and know who I really am. They gave me plenty of time to heal the pain, release the guilt and resolve the doubts.

– Now, I can give myself permission to be feminine and frivolous because it’s part of who I am. It’s not the whole story, but a part I lost touch with for a long time.

– It became clear this week that I’ve learned how to play without losing my connection to myself or my Higher Power. In fact, it’s easier to see how living in joy and fun can deepen my connection with a Higher Power. There is so much to appreciate in this beautiful world.

– So, let’s get out there and have some fun this week!

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