by Gaye Wright

Mediumship readings illustrate just how close we all are, even though we might be on different planes of existence. Psychics have the privilege of opening up the channels of communication between these different levels of being and as a psychic of many years and many readings, I have great respect for what I do. It is from this perspective that I advise prospective clients of how to prepare for a reading in which you want your psychic to connect with a loved one who has passed.

Be open, trust, and relax
The first and most important thing is to be open in your mind and heart. Please let the person who is doing the booking know that you wish to ask about someone who has passed. Please don t expect your psychic to prove their skills to you so you can trust them. Trust yourself first. Why are you calling if all you are doing is looking for proof? That attitude creates tension all round and wastes valuable time and money. If you feel the urge to call, trust that it is because there is something you are meant to discover or experience and you need a psychic s help to do so. And then take that trust further by relaxing into the knowledge that what comes through is what is meant to come through and this is what you have come into the reading to experience.

A beautiful experience
Recently I shared a beautiful reading experience with a lady who had lost her husband less than a year ago, and her grief was still very present. Before I got onto the reading I had sensed that there were blockages in a relationship. Even though her husband had passed, this client confirmed that they had been experiencing difficulties in their marriage and had just started to patch things up and feel as if they might be able to make it work again. Then he died. And I sensed correctly that it had been sudden and to do with his heart.

A wonderful release
What happened next in the reading could only have happened because my client was open and willing to go with the flow. I started to sense strong feelings of blame and judgement coming from her husband and before I knew it he was expressing his guilt about letting her down and leaving her. Then my client revealed how much she had been blaming herself. Both of them were so caught up in their own grief and hurt that they had created a wall of blame and guilt between them. I became the mediator, helping to bridge the gap that they had unwittingly created in their grief.

They couldn t reach out to each other and give each other the assurance that they both wanted. But the feeling of wanting to connect with each other was very strong from both sides. They both wanted to acknowledge to each other that a genuine healing had begun before he passed. This is exactly what happened in the reading as the barriers broke down. He told me he would meet her at the kitchen table and my client knew why he suggested that place to meet. I could feel the real possibility of him making his presence known to her in the future. There would be no barriers to stop this from happening.

A natural conclusion to this beautiful experience
The reading came to a close when he started to fade in my mind, and I knew that my role was completed for now. My client went away feeling more at ease and comfortable and I knew that her husband was feeling better as well. Both could release their shared guilt and blame and focus on how they could help each other to move forwards but knowing that they were always going to be there for each other.

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