Manifest Anything You Want With This Powerful Feminine Energy Secret

I have been getting many questions and requests about how to use your feminine energy to attract and manifest anything you want in all areas of your life.

by Helena Hart

Not just the man and the relationship of your dreams but the success and money that you’d like to create in your life, maybe the career you’ve always wanted, the happiness and fulfillment and adventure that you’re looking for.

Feminine energy is absolutely one of my favorite things to talk about.

When you’re tapping into your feminine energy and using it to supercharge the manifestation process and attract everything you’re looking for in all areas of your life, the reality that matters most is the emotional reality that you’re living right now in this moment.

Whether you are thinking about the past, dreaming about the future or living right now in the present moment, what you’re thinking and feeling about the past to the present or the future is really your life.

Whether you’re in the present moment and you’re worried about something or you’re mulling over some memory that didn’t feel good— whatever you’re thinking and feeling right now is your life.

Start getting in touch with your emotions and where you’re putting your focus.

I want you to care so much about THIS one moment, not just this moment as you’re reading this but each and every moment of your life.

I want you to care so much about feeling good in this moment that you’re not willing to squander it or waste it on an old unhappy memory or worrying about something that might happen in the future. I heard this great quote:

“Worrying is just using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

I certainly know how difficult it is to not worry if you’re stressed about something.

Once you really learn how to do this, it will change your life in so many wonderful ways. I can’t wait to talk more about this and do more videos about using feminine energy for manifestation.

For today, pay attention to how you’re feeling and the things that you choose to think about.

What are you feeding yourself mentally and emotionally?

Throughout the day, are you feeling good?

Are you feeling positive?

Do you have that feeling of eager anticipation which— in my opinion— is the perfect point of attraction while you’re doing this?

It’s that feeling of being happy with where you are and eager for what’s coming.

If you can feel like that most of the time, that’s really all you need to start manifesting all these things that you have incrementally decided you want.

They will start flowing to your life experience in the perfect timing and order in a way that feels like ease and fun.

When something bad happens it can be tempting to think about it a lot and talk about it with all your girlfriends and family members.

Maybe you had a bad date or if you had a fight with your partner.

Of course, it can be helpful and feel good to talk things out, but if talking about it and thinking about it isn’t making you feel good, continuing to think about it will not usually help you feel any better because of the law of attraction, right?

If you think a thought for 16 to 17 seconds, another thought like that joins it.

Have ever heard the expression,“You can’t get to the bottom of negative emotion because there is no bottom”?

We can talk about things endlessly or have certain arguments or conversations with a man and not get any further and not come to any resolution.

Both of you just end up feeling worse off than you did before you had the conversation.

Pay attention to what you’re feeding yourself.

What are you talking about with your friends, family and coworkers?

What are you thinking about?

What thoughts are you thinking?

How are those thoughts making you feel?

If there’s something in your life that you don’t want or would like to change, try removing your attention from it just for right now.

The energy you put into something keeps it alive.

And not only does it keep it alive, it makes it bigger and bigger and bigger in your experience.

Law of attraction and manifestation are a big concept, but it’s super important to keep in mind so let me give you more examples.

I’m going to exaggerate for the sake of this example, but let’s say as you go about your day, one good thing happens to you and 100 bad things happen.

I want you to focus on, talk about and think about that ONE good thing that happened.

I don’t care how small it was but think about that one thing that made you feel good, whatever it is.

Maybe you came home and saw your pet or your child or somebody gave you a compliment at work (or anything).

Maybe a man asked you out and that made you feel good. Anything that made you feel good.

Just focus on that one good thing.

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of good things that happen to you during the day but focus on those things that make you feel good.

As you’re doing that, you’re going to start to attract more and more of those positive experiences.

It’s just like if you’ve ever showed up to an airport or some event and you’re already annoyed.

Just getting there you’re already irritated.

You attract more things that assist you in feeling even more annoyed, right?

This is the opposite of that.

You’re going to create this emotional reality and pre-pave the vibrational atmosphere within you to allow some of these things that you’ve been wanting for a long time to manifest. They will start to flow into your experience.

It’s almost like there’s a little crack in your resistance and then some good things can start to come in. It’s really amazing how well this works.

Let me know how this goes for you in the comments section below.

I’m not telling you to just ignore bleeding red flags if a man cheats on you or lies or does something that hurt you. I’m not saying to just turn a blind eye and focus on his positive qualities.

Obviously, you want to be really smart about the people that you allow into your experience. But for example if the guy is a good guy and he generally wants to make you happy, focus on his positive qualities.

Focus on the things that you would like more of in your experience and I guarantee you will start to see more and more of that.

This works amazing with men and will transform your relationship and all areas of your life.

So try this for a week or so. If you can do this consistently for 30 days, your whole life will start to change just by looking for even the tiniest things to appreciate.

You can start moving things that are stuck and feel like they are clogged up or not moving.

Doing this will start to break them free. Good things will start to flow into your life experience. It’s so incredible. I’ve seen it happen over and over in the lives of all of my clients.

I hope this was helpful for you. Try this out and let me know what you think down below in the comments section.

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