soulmateby Carol Allen

How to Become His SoulMate

If you’re like most women, you’ve probably had a relationship start off with a big WOW. It’s rare and special to have that happen, but it’s even more unusual to have that wow feeling last years and years.

When it does, it’s common to think of such blessed couples as just that – blessed. Like their guardian angels arranged things so that they’d be happy in a spiritual, karmic, destined kind of way. And that they’d be able to withstand the tests of time – whether financial, emotional, or physical – in a way most couples just can’t. Because they have that extra magic or fairy dust that keeps them feeling close and connected no matter what.

Finding a relationship so special and “meant to be” is as exciting as finding a four leaf clover – with its very own leprechaun tending to it – and every bit as challenging.

The Secret Ingredient To SoulMate Relationships

“Just think – you don’t have to have extra guardian angels, planetary alignments, or leprechauns working in your love life. All you need is information.”

Well, I’ll tell you what I’ve found in almost two decades of talking to women and men about their relationships: There’s a big part of the magic of love that has nothing to do with magic.

It’s having good relationship skills.

And such happy couples are truly blessed. They’re blessed because they know what to do and how to be to make love last… or they’d never have what they have.

I realized this, because I kept doing astrology readings over and over for fabulous women in relationships with good men.

Their charts would go well together…

They’d be highly compatible…

They’d be in good timing for romance…

And yet, things would still unravel.  When these clients would tell me what was going on, I’d get so frustrated because it usually came down to something simple they were doing – or NOT doing – that was hurting the relationship.

How to Become His SoulMate

And typically, it was so easy to address and fix the problem, that the problem never had to be “in the mix” at all.  Had they not come to see me, the problem would have grown and grown and ultimately ruined the party – and it would’ve been a total waste.

You see, I believe that your love life is a result of “will” and “grace”. That is, the stars will grace you with the love you’re meant to have, but it’s your will that makes it happen and makes the most of it. In other words, where there’s a will, there’s a soulmate!

As a result, I’ve come to believe that most relationships – if they start off as a wow – can stay that way if at least one person in the couple knows what to do to keep love alive.  And I’ve also come to believe that many great relationships end needlessly. This is great news.

Winning The Cosmic Lottery:

Just think – you don’t have to have extra guardian angels, planetary alignments, or leprechauns working in your love life.  All you need is information.  You need to know how to make that initial wow turn into the commitment of soulmates!

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