more romanticby Kathryn Weber

Many of us feel the lack of romance in our longterm relationships at some point; I’m here to bring you some of the things I’ve learned from Feng Shui about how you and your loved one can become more romantic!

If you and your spouse are always arguing about money, there is a very simple thing you can do to to help your money situation and your relationship: Add amethyst power. Pour rice into a beautiful bowl and add amethyst crystals. Place this bowl under the bed. The crystals can be purchased at nature stores in many malls or at gem shows or stores.

If I Want My Spouse to Be More Romantic, Does It Matter which Side of the Bed We Each Sleep On?

Yes. For a more romantic relationship, the woman should sleep on the right side (as you lie in bed), and the man should sleep on the left. You should also try to orient the bed or sleep with your head pointing in your marriage and family direction based on your kua number. You should also sleep using the breadwinner’s personal best directions.

Do You Have Any Ideas for Items that Would Be Good Feng Shui for a More Romantic Relationship?

You bet I do! You can purchase crystals for your bedroom, some of which I have talked about above. You can also purchase a rose quartz crystal to display in your bedroom next to a picture of you and your love. Here are more ideas:

Buy in pairs. Give your love a “pair” of something, whether that is earrings, a pair of monogrammed bathrobes, or a pair of lovebird figurines for your room. If you want to be practical, purchase a pair of lamps for either side of your bed.

Go pink. Pink roses are more sentimental and sweet than red roses. In fact, some think red roses can actually cause a relationship to end. If your love doesn’t like pink, select yellow or lavender roses. Also, be certain that the thorns are removed from the stems, you don’t want thorns when you’re trying to be more romantic.

Get dim. Purchase a dimmer switch for your bedroom. For $5 you can have all kinds of mood lighting that makes everything more romantic!

Frame your love. Buy a beautiful picture frame and put a picture of the two of you in it. Maybe even select a picture and have it enlarged as an extra nice touch.  You’ll feel more romantic every time the picture catches your eye!

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