your manby Dominique

What can you do to make your man happy?

Is it lavishing him with attention? Doing nice or helpful things for him? Being there for him? Offering him sex ALL the time?


The very BEST gift you can give to your man is to BE HAPPY yourself.

How Do You Make Your Man Happy?

  1. By taking really good care of YOU in all ways.
  2. By you filling YOU up. With work, hobbies, people, and activities you love.
  3. By filling yourself with passion for life and love.
  4. By loving and embracing YOU.

AND a KEY piece here in making your man happy is if he is an IMPORTANT, contributing part of your happiness, AND he knows it.

Your Man Is Happy When He Sees the He Makes You Happy

  1. Meaning he makes you laugh and love even bigger.
  2. Meaning the things he does for you fill you up even more.
  3. Meaning the love and adoration he bestows on you make you expand and bloom all the more beautifully.
  4. Meaning he takes you deeper than you even could alone.

If this man of yours, this wonderful being who loves you KNOWS he can and does make you feel SO AMAZINGLY GOOD,  that you feel DELIGHTED being with him even if it’s doing nothing at all, that HE makes YOU feel HAPPY, then that’s the ULTIMATE gift of all.

Your man will be yours FOREVER.

He will know this through your beautiful, welcoming smile and embrace at the door when he returns home, through your soft contentment emanating from you in the warm, comforting snuggle you share in bed every night and/or every morning, through the pleasure radiating out of you from the small gestures to the grand ones, in the joy, the ecstasy he brings you from the mind blowing orgasms he helps give you.

Your satisfaction in all things, sexually and otherwise will flow out copiously in your actions and through your energy. And this will make for one HAPPY man. And he will love you all the more for it too.

Not much else, maybe nothing else will make him feel happier than feeling YOUR happiness.

The VERY BEST thing you can do in making your man happy is not only finding your joy and love within but also in ALLOWING HIM to make you feel happier still.

From Sarah:  Dominique’s advice will both you and your man satisfied, excited about each other, and happy.  She’s got so much insight into the emotional and physical worlds of the relationship.  Visit her site to find out more ways to connect with your man.

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