makeup tipby Lori Ann Robinson

Here’s the number one makeup tip: Makeup is meant to enhance your features NOT create new ones (UNLESS YOU ARE LADY GAGA). Less is more when it comes to your “Work Face” makeup especially during the hot months. And don’t forget to touch up if need be during the day. If you need to just blot moisture try blotting papers, or in a pinch a paper toilet seat cover will work (unused of course).

Beyond the Makeup Tip:


Extremely long, garishly colored (AND yes that would be blue, bright bubblegum pink or black) or chipped nails are not professional. Clients and customers do notice your hands. Keep their attention where you want it by making sure your hands, cuticles and nails (neutrals and pale colors are best) are well groomed and attractive.


Similar to my makeup tip, hair that is waayyy too long or too elaborate diminishes your business image because others focus on your hair instead of you. Keep your hair clean, simple, and up-to-date. Be watchful of those pesky errant hairs that appear out of nowhere on your face.


Cologne, Perfume, make-up, and hair products all have a strong impact on your appearance … More is not always better! Do not let your perfume or cologne arrive or linger by wearing too much.

Biggest Makeup Tip (and Universal Tip): Don’t Overdo


YIKES! Touchy subject. Everyone smells, but some more strongly than others. Our body chemistry often reacts differently with fabrics so be mindful when choosing clothing. That great looking silk/polyester blend blouse may not be your friend after a long day at the office. Switch deodorants every so often too. Perhaps a freshening up with baby wipes and re applying deodorant would be the way to go on a really warm day. I practice this one especially if I am in and out of air conditioning.

Clothing can hold odors in addition to your “personal scent.” Cigarette and cigar smoke, restaurant and food odors can live on your skin and your clothing fiber. Best to air out in front of a window or fan before putting away in closet. Also a light spray of Febreze may help ( do a patch test first on the inside of garment). To spot clean I LOVE Albatross Powder Spot Remover Spray. We would go through cans of this product on TV shows.


Breath mints, breath strips, a travel brush, and toothpaste- keep them handy and use them! In business and social situations, nothing is nicer than clean, sweet breath. So skipping that morning onion bagel before that big meeting may be a thought.Keep your teeth ship-shape and shiny. Beautiful, white teeth look young, healthy and full of life.

Let me know what you found especially helpful of these makeup tips.

From Sarah: Lori Ann certainly has an eye for style. She is an image and fashion consultant, and award winning TV costume designer and author. Go to her website to get more advice and another makeup tip.

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