new yearby Lori Ann Robinson

Thinking about the New Year? and how to enhance your image to get that new job, promotion, big fish client, great new man, or just to stay ahead of the game?

Here are some thoughts to ponder this Holiday:

H is for HAIRSTYLE. Is it time to update and tend to your ‘crowning glory’ in in the new year?
O is for ORIGINAL. Do you just blend into the woodwork? or do you stand out with confidence and credence?
L is for LIGHTEN UP. Are you in the ” I-wear-black-all-the-time” rut ? Your RIGHT colors do wonders to enhance your skin tone, and make you look more vibrant and healthy.
I is for IMAGE. Are you projecting the kind of image that will get you up the ‘ladder of success’ and fulfillment?
D is for DATED. Is it time to rethink, revamp and reinvent your wardrobe?
A is for APPEARANCE. Is your look working for you? or is it time to make a change for the new year?
Y is for YOUTHFUL. Have you lost that youthful demeanor? Are you wearing those ‘Old Lady’ or ‘Old Man’ clothes?

Are you saying yes to any of these thoughts? If so, then perhaps it is time to to take action, and…

Make the New Year Your Best Yet!

From Sarah: Lori Ann certainly has an eye for style. She is an image and fashion consultant, and award winning TV costume designer and author. At her site, you can find more advice for the New Year!

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