dating tipsHow infatuation overpowers commitment-phobia.

There are only two paths to get a guy to choose you.

The first, is the “logical” path:

You work hard to show him what an amazing woman you are…

You demonstrate all the things you have to offer him…

You try to convince him you’re girlfriend or wife material…

And… if the timing’s just right…and he doesn’t have any ‘better’ options…

And he really, really wants to settle down…

Then maybe, just maybe, he’ll choose you.

The problem with this path is, it’s unreliable.

It can take years.

And even when it DOES work, he’ll always feel like he’s ‘settling’ for you.

Forever wondering if there’s a better option out there for him.

The 2nd path to making him yours is to forget about all the logical reasons he ‘should’ want to be with you.

Instead, focus on getting him INFATUATED with you

Because here’s what a lot of women don’t realize:

When a guy’s infatuated with you…

The powerful feelings he experiences OVERRIDE his rational mind…

They override his fears and hesitations…

And they override any reasons he might have for NOT being with you.

In fact, new research from Rutgers University has revealed that there’s a primal instinct in every man – and once you activate it, the LOGICAL parts of his brain literally shut down.

As his raw, animal instincts take over…

And all he can think about is locking you down…

So he has you all to himself.


Meanwhile, he has no idea what you’re up to.

No clue why he suddenly can’t stop thinking about you.

And He convinces HIMSELF that you’re the only one for him.

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Note from Sarah: If a man has to choose between a woman who’s a good LOGICAL choice, and one who makes him FEEL these powerful, primal emotions, he’ll choose the girl who makes him FEEL these emotions every. single. time.

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