When you think of dirty talk, what’s the first word that comes to mind?

If you guessed “Yes”, you’re right.

People say “yes” naturally during sex when they feel good. It’s a subconscious trigger of pleasure that, when heard, communicates your enjoyment and instantly validates the other person for doing a good job.

Its an old cliché for women to scream “yes” during orgasm.

Its very common knowledge, and it’s the biggest Expression Of Pleasure you have in your bag of tricks.

The word “yes” is also a way to ask a question. Just by saying “yeah?” is asking a question. In fact, you can have an entire conversation with the word “yeah.”

You: Yeah?
Him: Yeah!

And it goes both ways.

Now, keep in mind that pleasure should only be expressed if it is actually felt.

This is especially important for your own pleasure, as nothing is worse for a man to hear then a woman who is going through the motions.

Now, we’re going to do something with this idea that is going to rock his socks off.

Whether he knows it or not, he’s programmed to equate hearing “yes” as a statement during sex as an expression of pleasure, while at the same time hearing “yeah?” as a question as pleasure, but most likely expects it to be coming from you.

What if it was coming from him?

If you can get him saying “yes” over and over again, guess what will happen?

His mind will process his own reaction as validation that he likes whatever it is you’re doing to him…whether he really like it, or not.

The great thing about this little trick is that it works almost all of the time.

The only “hard” part is mustering up the guts to DO it for the first time!

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