Make Even the Most Distant Man Crave You

Do you know the 3 “Love Excitement Hormones” that instantly make any man fall madly and deeply in love with you?

I am talking about the 3 biggest keys that every man needs to have activated, to be able to fall madly and deeply in love with you.

Naturally, I have to warn you, before revealing these unusually powerful little love triggers, that what you are about to learn might very well surprise you, and may even shock you…


Well, the truth is, that even the most distant and cold man can be excited to feel endless levels of passion, obsession, and attraction with a woman. As long as a woman is triggering and igniting these 3 very special “Excitement Hormones”, ANY man will instantly fall into a spellbound, and endlessly devoted state of love.

So now you must be wondering- “How Does It All Work?”

As impossible as it may sound- the science behind it is actually pretty simple, and very deeply rooted in our biology.

In order to understand how these 3 Love Excitement Hormones work to create intense desire within a man, you have to understand a few basic things about the chemical makeup of desire.

First, the three main Love Excitement Hormones are actually: dopamine, adrenaline, and serotonin.

Dopamine is the chemical that determines what you like, and how much you like it.

It even controls our physical reactions to rewards or expected rewards. I’m sure you’ve probably heard of Pavlov’s dogs by now- he famously trained them to salivate at the sound of the bell.

This famous experiment was one of the first of many studies that would showcase the power of dopamine- that even at the ANTICIPATION of receiving something we may find enjoyable, a deep seeded biological reaction can take place.

So dopamine is what motivates us to FEEL something on a deeper level.

Adrenaline controls our famous “fight or flight” reaction:

As such it naturally creates a sense of excitement and urgency in the body. Once you’ve piqued your man’s interest, this is the chemical you want to have coursing through his veins, because it’s the ACTIVATING step. I.E. it’s what makes us MOVE and ACT on how we feel.

Serotonin takes strong feelings and cements them in your brain:

This chemical is the reason why you have your lifelong tastes and preferences. It’s *also* the reason you can’t get your special someone out of your mind. It’s essentially the GLUE that keeps you addicted to, craving, and WANTING something, or SOMEONE.

How These Hormones Make Even The Most Distant Guy Crave You

These 3 elements are what form the key makeup of the “Love Excitement Hormones”, and they are a powerful anecdote for even the most distant man, the most emotionally cold husband, or the seemingly most “out of reach” guy that you could encounter.

You may not realize this, but men REQUIRE these 3 hormones to be activated in order to not only feel attracted to you- but also to feel motivated, and committed to you. A man who is emotionally distant, or who seems unavailable when it comes to love, is a man who is UNABLE to feel attracted to you, motivated to love you, or committed to you, BECAUSE his body is literally running in the OPPOSITE direction.

Think of it like this: in order to survive, we need fuel for our bodies, right? We need sustenance to grow and live, and our bodies need food and water.

Love, is not so different- being a biological makeup of processes that we can actually control, once we know what is going on.

Just as we need sustenance to maintain ourselves; men need these 3 triggers activated and engaged in order to thirst for us, desire us, and more.

Without these 3 Excitement Hormones engaged, men simply can’t FEEL what we want them to feel, because the right areas aren’t being activated to tell them to feel that way.

So now, I am sure, you must be on the edge of your seat wondering:

“How Do I Trigger These 3 Excitement Hormones?”

Well the process is actually much simpler than it may seem. There’s only 3 simple steps to triggering these 3 hormones.

Step #1: Activate His Pleasure Zones By Building Dopamine Triggering Loops. – This activates a series of dopamine triggers!

Step #2: Create An “Excitement Zone Of Thrills” By Setting Up Thrill Boosting Situations. –This triggers an intense avalanche of sheer adrenaline rushing through his veins around you.

Step #3: Trigger His Addiction Centre By Using The “Memory Foam” Method- This motivates him to feel connected and attracted to you even further, so he keeps coming back for more, and more!

The key is to activate these 3 steps in succession:

You first trigger his pleasure zones- you make him learn and show him that YOU are the center of sheer pleasure. This in turn sets up a motivation to want to be around you, and crave your nearness- even if he had never thought to do this before, he won’t be able to control his urges now because his body will be taking the lead.

Next, you follow this up by HEIGHTENING the intensity of his feelings- you create even more pleasurable and exciting feelings that rise up from deep inside of him like a volcano erupting. He’ll find himself growing addicted to you at this stage. He won’t be able to stop thinking about you once you do this, and you’ll find him growing closer and closer to you wanting to do more and more things with you.

And finally, you introduce the most powerful love potion ingredient- serotonin- by triggering his addiction centres and reward centers. You show him that by being near you, he is rewarded, and in turn motivate him to feel endlessly addicted and DEVOTED to you.

I know that you must be wild with curiosity now, as the most important question you are ever going to ask is racing at the tip of your tongue….

“So how do I enact these steps?
What are the specific actions steps I need to do, to make these 3 steps work?”

Well fortunately for you, I can do more than just answer that question right now. In fact, I am going to reveal to you, the exact BLUEPRINT you need to not only trigger these Love Excitement Hormones…

But I will also give you the BLUEPRINT to everything you’ve ever needed to know, when it comes to winning over any man of your dreams.

It causes such an intense feeling of addictive love that you’ll be able to make that one special man turn into the most devoted, loving, and romantic lover who will want to be near you more than he wants to breathe.

Once you have this blueprint, you will turn into the most tempting woman to ever exist in his mind, and he won’t be able to resist even the very idea of you.

Every second away from you, will feel like a massive punishment to him, and he will naturally want to spend each and every moment next to you, and won’t be able to have enough of your eyes, your touch, and every little detail about you will ring like a beautiful song in his mind.

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