by Susan Birmingham

Some people just seem lucky. Others don’t seem to have any luck. Is it really luck or is it the fact that the people who seem lucky are really more prepared when opportunity knocks?

What does “Preparation” mean? The dictionary defines preparation as to fix, make ready, prepare in advance for a particular purpose or event. The more prepared you are the more confident you feel and the easier something goes.

Preparation is the “getting ready” part for whatever it is you are about to do, or whatever is headed your way. For example, when tax time comes you “prepare” all the information that you are going to need in order to do your income tax returns. Whether you do your own returns or you have an accountant, preparation must occur.

Life is more than just tax returns. Life in general is something that we are always “preparing” for in one way or another. How well you are prepared will be a big determining factor on how well you live your life. There are so many ways to prepare ourselves, it starts even before we are born.

When a woman becomes pregnant, she “prepares” for the birth of her baby. Preparation includes; create a nursery, buy baby clothes, take classes, have baby showers and praying that the baby will be OK.

Once you are born then your mother, father, whoever is raising you, is always “preparing” you to grow up. You learn to walk, go to school, have friends, fall in love, get married, and have kids of your own.

Now that I am a grown woman, happily married, and living a loving rewarding life, I ask myself “How did I get so lucky?” My husband and I have a very successful marriage. We are more in love today then the day we got married over 17 years ago.

The secret is – Preparation! I realize that I really prepared myself to be ready when “opportunity knocked!” Over 22 years ago I knew I wanted to have a happy life and be married to an amazing man. The problem was, I did not have a clue how to do that. I had been previously married, then divorced. It was a painful and hurtful time in my life.

Through hard work, self honesty, therapy, workshops and learning “how to date” I actually “prepared” myself to be ready when my amazing man entered my life.
Opportunity is knocking right now.

Are you ready to meet it?

Here is how you will know, there will come a time when you ask yourself – “How did I get so lucky?”

Now you know the formula. LUCKY = Preparation + Opportunity.
When have you realized that “opportunity knocked” and you were “prepared?”

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Susan Birmingham


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