true loveby Carol Allen

Sometimes you can be doing EVERYTHING you can think of to find true love and the right man for you, and yet nothing is working out.

Perhaps you feel this way right now.

Everyone you fall for is “unavailable.”

You attract married men, or men who drive you crazy, or men who disappear for no reason.

Or maybe you’re just not even finding ANY man. You’ve been single and lonely for a long, long time.

What’s up with that??

The Answer To The Right Man For You May Lie In The Stars.

The next time you’re reading your daily horoscope in your local paper with your morning’s double decaf grande latte, consider the incredible history of this knowledge before you…

In ancient times, man’s connection to the natural world, the seasons, and the cosmos went far beyond what most of us can fathom today.

When we look to the “lights” in the heavens above, instead of thinking, “Surely those are great gods smiling down upon me, guarding my crops and portending events of enormous importance…”

…we think, “Is that a satellite or a jet?”

Or, if you’re in a city, thanks to pollution and the overabundance of bright city lighting, when you look to the night sky you don’t see any natural “lights” (i.e., STARS) at all.


But the ancients saw the very answers to all of life’s great mysteries in the myriad of twinkling luminaries above.

At first, over time farmers noticed that when a certain pattern of stars was present, it was time to plant.

Later, when a different combination of stars was overhead, it was time to harvest.

Over the centuries, these early celestial observers came to realize that people born during the time when the “planting” stars could be seen had certain personality traits that were distinct from those of the people born when the “harvesting” stars were present.

And soon they could predict what people born at different times would be like.

They even came to understand how the events of their lives would unfold.

And so slowly man came to correspond both human behavior and the very course of human events with stellar influences.

Eventually, those in positions of political power (usually royalty) assigned priests to make the contemplation of the heavenly spheres their life’s work.

These ancient royal advisers would spend their nights endlessly watching and noting the motions of the planets and stars, calculating their positions and travels through the sky.

This was for the purpose of predicting all manner of life’s circumstances affecting the rulers and their subjects – including the results of the annual harvest, the outcomes of battles, the onset of plagues or famines, royal ascendancy, and more.

And you thought it was all about boys…

Astrology didn’t just help ancient man figure out when to plant crops or why Sally was so creative and successful with basket-weaving.

Since men and women typically didn’t “date around” in the olden days like they do now, they only had one shot at true love and happiness.

So to maximize the chances that they ended up with the right person, they would look to the stars for guidance in that, too.

This is why you’re here reading my emails – you want to know how the stars can help you find the right man for you – YOUR soulmate.

But maybe you don’t want to read an entire book or hire an expensive astrologer just to know more about that one guy in your life RIGHT NOW.

If that’s the case, I have great news!

With “The Right Man Report” you can learn in minutes all the details of your compatibility with that one particular man.

“The Right Man Report” covers 15 areas of compatibility between you and him – up to 11 full pages of information!

You’ll find out how compatible you are and what to do if there are areas of your relationship that just need a little tweaking.

Knowing JUST what THAT unique relationship requires can make SUCH a difference in how things go… and take all the “pain and shame” out of wondering at last…

I’m sure you’ll get a ton of value of out it.

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

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