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Before we get started, did you do as I asked you to and consult a licensed and qualified certified neuromuscular therapist? If not, don’t even bother reading any further as you obviously are not serious about getting rid of your pain.

If you did, great job and are you ready for lesson

Excellent, here we go…

Now that you understand the basics of where your pain comes from, we are ready to explore further into ending your pain by learning HOW your muscles work.

Have you ever noticed how some of your muscles become really tight yet others feel just so weak?

This simple thought was actually a breakthrough discovery by Dr. Vladimir Janda of Chekslovakia, also a pioneer in muscle pain relief, some 40 years ago.

Without getting too technical on you let me explain. What he actually discovered is that ALL the muscles in your body can be divided into two categories: those muscles with a tendency towards tightness like your hamstrings and quadriceps (front and back of legs) or the muscles along your spine. These muscles are workaholics and tend to get short.

Then there’s your muscles that simply get too long and weak and waste away from lack of use like your butt muscles and abdominals. Raise your hand if you sit at a desk all day! Well, these muscles are naturally lazy and don’t like to work at all.

So that’s interesting, but what the heck does this have to do with me getting rid of my pain? Let me explain…

Pain is really a way for your body to tell you something is wrong…usually something out of balance. I know, not a new concept here. But, what truly IS wrong and where is the SOURCE of that pain? This million dollar question that plagues so many health-practitioners has only been answered by a few as over 90% of us still suffer from chronic pain.

To better understand how your tight and weak muscles or muscle imbalances affect your body and contribute to pain, think of a bicycle wheel. When the bicycle wheel is out of balance and you go for a ride, most likely it will be a real bumpy ride.

Now, to smooth out and balance the wheel so you ride straight, you must shorten/tighten the loose spokes and lengthen/loosen the tight ones.

If you are in pain or have poor posture, your tight muscles only get tighter and the weak ones tend to weaken, pulling you out of balance just like the bicycle wheel.

So where do you start and what do you do?

A simple answer is to stretch and lengthen your tight muscles and strengthen those weak ones…if only nature was so kind to us pain sufferers. This is why so many people can’t break the pain-spasm cycle. You see, when you’re in pain and you try to strengthen your muscles too soon, you may be asking for trouble.

The secret to getting rid of your pain forever is first to eliminate the muscle spasms or trigger points to be exact which you learned in the first email, and THEN to stretch your tight muscles.

Once your muscle spasms are released by a trained professional, begin a stretching program. Just include those stretches that give you the feeling that there are tight muscles to be released when doing that particular stretch. Stretching those muscles that are already loose and weak is like loosening those spokes on a crooked wheel your body will be crooked and out of balance.

Wishing You Excellent Health,

Michael Greenspan, CNMT
“…and committed to eliminating your pain without drugs or surgery”

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