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You ll be glad to know that there are few things more powerful than the Human Spirit.

Look back through history at the hardships and horrific situations that humans have lived through…

From starvation, war and poverty to natural disasters, diseases and drought…

We humans have an AMAZING ability to pull ourselves up and out of some really tough situations.

What is that magical and endless force that propels us forward and continues to inspire us to reach newer, better heights and to never give up? It’s a hard concept to wrap your brain around and it’s even harder to put only ONE word around it, but the best one I’ve found so far is spirit.

The Human Spirit is AMAZING.

Just look around right now at the people in the world that continue to push forward even when things look impossible.

I know people that are disabled and unable to walk, yet they still chose to LOVE their life and their body because it is the only ONE they have been given.

And it was when I discovered my spirit, that I was able to finally stop torturing my body with dangerous pills and diets…

And I started focusing on giving it HEALTH.

Really, it was my spirit that pulled me out and lifted me to a higher state of AWARENESS about the health and needs of my body.

And here’s the TRULY amazing thing…

This SAME spiritual energy is inside of YOU.

Right now.

It’s inside ALL of us.

In this reader’s email, she’s searching for more ways to bring this AWARENESS of spirit into her daily life so that she can use that AMAZING power inside of herself to transform her body from the inside-out.

Take a look…

Question From Reader

Hi Andrea!

I too kept off and over 50lb weight loss. I find now I struggle with trying to get in touch with my spiritual side. So much of my time is spent on maintaining the new me. For example preparing meals in advance,making time to work out,that I feel my
spiritual side is feeling neglected. I feel compelled to study new exercises and keep up with the latest on nutrition. Having a tough time balancing..

How did you deal with this?

Thank you,


My Response
******************** *******************************

Dear Tracey,

I love this question.

By asking about your spiritual side, you are showing that you really “get it” on the deepest level – what I call the SPIRITUAL PILLAR of health.

When you are tapped into this, something magical happens and you feel like you can do no wrong… that EVERY step you take (either forward or backward) is always part of your journey.

When you realize that your body NEEDS to be cared for with proper nutrition, exercise and relaxation in order for it to be healthy, happy and WHOLE…

You have two choices.

1. You can either resent this FACT

2. Find JOY in giving your body what it NEEDS.

I think you can probably guess that the first choice doesn’t get you anywhere. When you try to fight AGAINST your body, your body will ALWAYS win.

It’s best to work WITH your body and give it what it needs.

So that leaves you with the second choice. And where do you find this JOY of taking care of your body?

From your spirit.

So that’s why I’m glad that you are asking this question now BEFORE you get “burned out” and “tired” of giving your body what it needs…

Because that is what leads to “rebound weight” – gaining back all the weight and then setting you up for desperation and yo-yo dieting (which NEVER works).

When you tell me that your “spiritual side” is being neglected, I think “Ah-Ha… your spirit is still longing to connect with your body.”

Let me explain…

For decades we’ve been hearing about dieting and exercise and all these things we “have” to do for our body in order to keep it healthy.

So there’s no big news there.

But what is NEW and different in our modern world is that we are now recognizing the importance of caring for our SPIRIT in order to live a healthy and happy life… (there are ancient cultures that have been doing this for thousands of years, but many modern cultures have forgotten this)…

But in today’s busy world, how can you make time for BOTH?

Here’s your answer…

By connecting your body and your spirit together.

When you allow your spiritual practice to become a PART of your daily life in the way that you CARE and NOURISH your body… Then you will feel connected to BOTH your body and your spirit.

And when you make this your spiritual practice, you never have to worry about not having enough time to connect to your spirit because you are doing it many times every day!

Here are some of the things that I do to honor my body from my higher SELF and connect my body and spirit together:

1. Honor your food before you eat it.

Every time I eat ANYTHING (even if it’s just a small bite of food or even a protein shake), I take a moment and close my eyes…

I cup my hands over the food and pour radiant love onto it. I say a silent blessing of gratitude to myself or sometimes I do it out loud, depending on the crowd I’m in. I let the gratitude fill up my heart center and I bow my head in honor of the life energy that is inside of this food that is about to become MY life energy.

And I make a quiet promise to that food that I will USE the life energy to live my greatest, most fulfilled life.

There’s something magical that happens in this moment. It’s almost like an unspoken agreement that this food is making a sacrifice with it’s life so that I may live and prosper.

It is dying for MY life to continue.

Can you imagine a more beautiful gift?

And every time I do this, I am connecting to that higher part of my SELF – my SPIRIT – that reminds me of WHY I am choosing healthy food with vibrant and radiant life energy.

2. Connect To Your Breath In A Stressful Situation

When I find my mind is spinning out of control and there is chaos and confusion all around me, I simply and effortlessly tune into my breath and just watch myself BREATHE.

This takes the focus of my mind away from the confusion and allows it to focus on something that is very familiar and natural to me – that something that has been with me for my entire life and will be with me until my dying departure – my breath.

It doesn’t take long for a RUSH of spiritual energy to flood into me, opening my heart and quieting my mind…

Even if it’s only a drop, and if only for a second…

It’s still enough for me to remember that whatever stress or fear I am feeling in the moment is small in comparison to the LOVE and LIGHT that is surrounding me at that moment and ALWAYS.

3. Use Your Hands To Heal Your Body

I’ve already told you how every time I eat something, I place my hands in a cup around it and pour radiant love and gratitude onto the food. I’ve been doing this for years, and now my hands have a very powerful electrical, healing

It’s difficult to explain but I can FEEL the positive intention flowing from my higher SELF and out through my hands.

I also use this flowing, loving energy to HEAL my body when it is crying out for attention.

I believe that a lot of pain comes from the body needing to be cared for.

Just like a little child pulls at your coat until you look down and listen to what it is saying…

Your body is gently (and sometimes not so gently) trying to pull your attention onto it.

And when I hear this calling from my body, I place my hands where they are needed with the most LOVING and healing intention. You see, I have been through a BIG transformation with my body. My body has taught me SO MUCH about life, and love, and health, and healing.

And today, I am SO grateful that I was born with the “fat genes” and that I gained a lot of weight…

Because through that journey of listening and paying attention to lose the weight, I have learned how to CARE for this miraculous, AMAZING body that I have been given.

And when it cries out for love and attention, I close my eyes and place my hands where that loving, radiant touch is needed.

This is a way for me to access my spiritual SELF and remember that the “real me” is always forgiving and patient.

And that’s just the beginning…

These are just a few ways that I use my daily practice of caring for my body to connect to my spirit. I give you more examples in my eBook .

When I woke up to the realization that it is my SPIRIT that holds the energy for transformation and change…

My body felt peaceful and safe enough to finally RELEASE the weight. And now I keep getting healthier and thinner every year. But if this were a chore or something that I resented, I would never have stuck with it for very long.

Just like all the other diets and weight loss programs that I tried and failed at, I would have given up or given in because it’s just too exhausting trying to FORCE your body to change.

You burn up too much energy and you eventually burn out.

When I discovered the BRIDGE that connected my body and spirit together, I tapped into an unending, infinite source of energy, passion and willpower. And it only continues to grow bigger and bigger every day.

Of course, it is difficult to describe all of this to you in words…

How can you describe something that is too big for descriptions? There are no words that can adequately describe it because as soon as you describe it, you define it.

And as soon as you define it. You confine it.

You limit it.

You put a box around it and you say, “There. That’s what it is.”

But the moment you define and limit it, you lose the biggest part of it.

The part that cannot be defined.&n bsp; It is limitless.

And that’s where the struggle is. But then again, that is also why it is so beautiful.

And special. And cherished.

In the moments that you can open yourself up big enough to feel it, then that’s when the experience happens.

It is the opposite of speaking about it.

It is experiencing it.

And that’s where I know the power is – in your experience of it.

That’s why all my writing is full of gentle urges to follow my advice but then “tune-in” and become aware of what’s happening INSIDE of you.

And that’s what I want for you. Not just to feel inspired and excited about health while you are reading these newsletters, but to feel it long after…

Throughout your day…

In every moment that you are breathing.

And so I hope that these words linger in your mind and travel deep enough into your CONSCIOUSNESS to affect your behavior and your choices.

I encourage you to find your own body-spirit connection.

I hope that you use the examples I have given you here today, but ultimately you find your own sense of accessing your spirit DAILY…

And soon you may wake up to find that any disconnection you ever felt from your spirit was only an illusion…

And that YOU are always connected and always have been.

Your Friend,
Love and Light,

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