by Kate Dixon

Do you sigh when you see a relationship in Sex in the City, Playboy and Cosmo?

Well, you are not alone.

According to a report published in Newsweek, “No Sex Please, We’re Married,” many couples in America are not enjoying any sexual intimacy with their partners.

Living on a day to day basis in a sexless marriage can be sheer torture. This is because long-term sexless marriage can really break your psyche to bits.

The Lack Of Intimacy In A Relationship Can Lead To:

Breakdown of self esteem
Feelings of resentment sometimes leading to violence
Feelings of depression sometimes leading to suicidal tendencies
Feeling of loneliness and desperation

There are many reasons for the lack of intimacy in a relationship that was once the hotbed of strong emotions. It could be a lack of sex drive, medical problems, emotional blocks or age. Whatever the reason, you can still make your marriage work if that is what both of you want.

The First Step Is Open Communication In The Relationship

If the lack of intimacy is not by choice, then you need to dig deep for the reasons leading to it. You need to find ways in which you can reconnect.

Find out what you can do to rekindle the romance in your relationship.

Make your bed and your bedroom a place to relax and unwind. Do not bring work, PDAs, laptops or books into this private space.

Another important thing is to use up excess energy in a creative manner so that you do not feel too frustrated.

Join a group or do something you enjoy. Get out, get going.

Just letting go of the all-pervasive urge for sex may be the break you need for your relationship.

Try to share common interests.

Many couples fall off their sex lives simply because of lack of time.

Find the time to be together in an intimate manner.

Take the time to set the mood.

Do not pass negative comments or ridicule your spouse’s lack of interest.

By diminishing your spouse, you are also demeaning yourself.

Never let your spouse or their lack of interest get you down. Focus on the positive and eliminate the negatives

Sexless marriages can be turned around.

In fact, many couples have successfully done so and gone on to enjoy many years of fulfilling togetherness.

At the end, it all depends on how much you want your marriage to work.


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