by Rose Cole

In these economic times, you can actually SAVE money by going green with these tips. Yep, there’s actually no excuse anymore to not be healthy… you might not be able to afford *NOT* being healthy and going green!

Tips To Save Money While Saving Your Health:

– Keep your fridge full with healthy food. You’ll save money on energy because your fridge uses more energy when it’s empty, and you save money on eating out. Plus it’s much healthier to make your own food.

– Wrap your water heater in an insulating blanket. The water will stay warmer longer, so your water heater has to work a lot less.

– Check with your local electric company for incentives for using energy during “off peak” hours.

– Install dimmer switches. You’ll use less energy. Dimming the light by 25% saves an amazing 25% off your bill.

– Put your computer on stand-by mode. A computer that is left running can cost you $500-$700 per year!

– Buy food in bulk. Remember, eating out is much more expensive. You can save money if you buy in bulk, and it’s better for the environment because there’s less packaging going into the landfills.

– Cover your pots while you’re cooking or boiling water. It conserves energy.

– Get your foot off the gas! If you drive the speed limit (rather than speeding) you’ll increase your fuel efficiency by 20%.

– Just say no to java! $3.50-4.50 on coffee per day is such a waste! (for your health and your pocket book)

– Get a polish change instead of a full manicure or pedicure, AND bring in your own chemical-free polish, which usually lasts longer.

– Use the internet to find coupon codes to buy stuff online. You can literally find coupons for just about everything, and they even have whole sites just for coupon codes.

– Stay at Eco-hotels or resorts. I stayed at one in Jackson Hole, and it was amazing! Organic everything!

– Save the paint that’s left over and have the paint store add more paint to it make more, or create a whole new color for something else.

These are just a few of the tips we came up with. A great book for more tips is The Green Book.

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