Let Love Guide You To Your Truth

When I was a girl – everything was new.

by Rori Raye

We thought “love” was free and easy.

We thought “being a woman” was a “state of being” just about to finally gain power.

We had hopes and dreams, and we actually believed in them.

Now, here we are – years later.

The question is – where are YOU – right now?

And – Where do you WANT to be?

Business Siren is where I look for a new paradigm. A new way to be happy.

A new way to live a life of ease, comfort, financial and emotional security, and inspiration for every moment going forward into the future.

Let me know what you need to get where you want to be!

For me, Having It All is a moment-by-moment reality.

And, until it actually happened for me, I never, ever believed I could feel secure in money and in love.

I never believed I could feel secure in either of those…I always felt my “limit.”

And for me, the limit was this: Whenever it looked like I would become successful at either work (especially the years when I was an actress/singer/dancer/director), or love – I instantly expected “the other shoe to drop.”

And it always did.

Something always turned up.

Once, I actually got THREE acting jobs at once! A commercial, a TV series starring a psychodrama troupe I was a member of, and a small part on a film.

And not only did I believe I had to choose between them – I believed the situation made everyone who’d hired me mad.

I’ve been hired and fired as an actress. I’ve worked alongside great talents who’ve become icons.

I’ve wanted to get myself a film camera and make movies – and I just never did.

Two girlfriends and I produced a play I’d wanted to be in for years – “Vanities” (I’d become accustomed to producing plays myself because I felt no hope of ever winning an audition for the role anywhere…) – as a “workshop” in the Equity Waver theater in Hollywood we’d belonged to for years, and after nearly a year of rehearsal and preparation and the weekend of performances we were allotted – we were picked up by the theater for a full, real run! Six weeks, reviewed by the newspapers! I was ecstatic.

And then I got sick. I had a fever of 102 the second night of opening – and then had to give up the role to the understudy. The play was so successful, they extended the run – and hired on a woman to play “my” role who’d been my nemesis in college.

I sat in my bed for two months and watched the world go by without me.

It all seemed so important at the time.

It all seemed like my entire life was a dead-end of good things followed by bad things.

Everything I was “doing” started “big” – and then just faded out.

I’d always written. I’d written plays. I’d written poetry and songs. I’d written three movie scripts. I’d written a “novel” that was actually the true, word-for-word story of a time in my life that was quite action-packed, scary and desperate, called “Finding Sarah.”

Of course, no one read any of it, nothing happened with any of it – then.

Over the years, I simply wrote. And there, with writing, with no great “result” in mind – even I couldn’t stop myself.

Regardless of the outcome, who would or would never read a word I wrote – I couldn’t get in my own way when it came to writing. I just had to sit down and write.

Words went through my head like pieces of a stained glass window falling into place.

Putting words together was the chief occupation of my brain – and then, as they fell onto the page and computer screen, my whole body would light up and turn on.

It wasn’t what would “happen” to those words that turned me on.

It was the “expressing” of those words that turned me on.

I literally felt turned on in my belly – it felt like having a child, every minute I wrote

I was an engineer of words. I fell in love with the way words flowed onto my computer screen at two am when everyone in my household was asleep. Up alone, writing.

And I still feel this way.

The difference is – over time, I learned the real-world skills that enabled my words to be read. By millions.

And without shifting one tiny bit of the love I feel for writing. Without one moment of “writers-block.” Without a moment of care what the result will be when I write.

I still just…write. I have to. And I found a way to let my skills take over to “get read.”

This is the basis of what a Business Siren is.

A woman who is so in love with what she feels and expresses – that the “doing” of it becomes effortless. This is the Soul of the Business Siren “Systems, Structure and Soul.”

And then, learning Systems and Structure – even if she doesn’t “groove” to these “skills” allows her the framework to get her “Expressed Love” out into the world.

It’s really only a tiny step from you being the only person experiencing your Expressed Love – and millions experiencing it.

We’ve all proved this as a fact on Facebook and Youtube. We express ourselves, and people read. People watch.

If you’re in business, if you want to make a business from what you love, even if you’re not sure what it is you love right now – it’s just a tiny step from you to the world.

In her books, CDs, DVDs and seminars, relationship coach Rori Raye teaches women the completely original, simple-to-do and stunningly effective techniques for communication, confidence, and connecting with men that she used to turn her own, now-glorious two-decades-long marriage around. I’m a trained relationship coach, a former crisis counselor, and through my eBook, programs and newsletter, I’ve helped thousands of women succeed in love by teaching them the Tools I’ve created and developed with my clients – Tools that work quickly and effortlessly to change a struggling love life into Happy Ever After.

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