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Are you in a relationship with a man right now and you’re trying to figure out if he’s as “good as advertised?”

Sure, things FEEL great now – but what’s going to happen 6 months from now, or 6 years from now, when the “fresh” fades and both of you get more comfortable around each other? Will you fight a lot? Will he turn out to be a jerk? Will he totally ignore your needs?

Or if he’s a good guy now, will he be as sweet and loving and supportive in the long run?

And what about if you’re already experiencing tinges of what could turn out to be MAJOR problems with a man? Is this the signal that he’s not right for you after all?

It makes you wish you had some secret magic insight that would tell you exactly how you would feel with a man in the future. Whether he was as “right” for you as he FELT. Before you get too invested – emotionally and otherwise.

Well, fortunately there is just such a tool. It’s “The Right Man Report.”

It’s the most detailed, comprehensive, specific, and proven astrological tool that I know of (after being an astrologer for almost two decades) for learning how compatible you are with a man, and how the energy flows in your relationship.

Now here’s something I have to admit to you…

When I first decided to develop and offer this custom, online report as a way for women to check to see how they’d feel in a specific relationship with a specific man, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The whole idea behind developing this report was to make it easy for you to have the professional answers you needed without having to sit down with a professional astrologer like me in person. While getting the exact same caliber and quality of advice and information within MINUTES online.

A good idea – but could it actually work?

Could technology actually replace face or phone time with Yours Truly? (And would that really be a good thing?)

Well, I’m happy to say that I can be outsourced after all!

Feedback from real women who’ve tried out “The Right Man Report” has been outstanding, and I’m actually very happy that this knowledge can be offered in this magical and instant-gratification kind of way ONLINE. (An added plus is that it allows me to help more of you for a fraction of your time and moolachki. You know – your cabbage…

Just check out one of the many e-mails I’ve received talking about the results that these women have gotten from “The Right Man Report.” They’ve helped me to feel even more grateful to technology, and the magic of the internet.

* * * * * * * * * *

What a relief too look at all of this in reality; your report was wonderful. It really was accurate. It’s like a burden is lifted off our shoulders when you realize how discombobulated it is the way people have traditionally looked at composites and given the whole relationship over to that… I have been following astrology like that for 17 yrs. and you are right!!

best to you,

Isn’t that crazy? Thanks, Susan!

When Susan says, “looking at composites” she’s talking about a chart created between two charts, that reveals the destiny of that relationship. This is a Western astrology technique, and I’ve actually found it to be pretty darn accurate.

Astrology is soooooo vast and wonderful and full of endlessly helpful tricks and tools.

It’s just that Susan, being a longtime student of astrology, GETS IT…

For relationships, there’s NOTHING like the technique used in “The Right Man Report.”

For years I used composites, and what’s called “synastry” which is when you overlay two charts on top of each other and look to how the different planets and houses between two people connect to tell you about their relationship. And yes, it’s another great technique that works. But the fifteen steps of “The Right Man Report” BLOW that stuff out of the water…

In fact, I’ve had many other astrologers contact me utterly mystified about their own relationships, not understanding why they felt this way or that way with their partner. But after seeing the findings of “The Right Man Report” for themselves, they were amazed at how accurate and insightful it was to them.

That’s because these astrologers couldn’t diagnose themselves before in this way. They didn’t know this ancient technique. Why do I know it? Because the best thing in my chart is the 9th house, which gives the best teachers, mentors, and access to THE TRUTH. Which comes in handy in my particular field of study…

So, if you’d like to outsource me, and learn the truth about YOUR relationship, check out “The Right Man Report.”

It can help you figure out:

— If the passion and chemistry you feel NOW will actually fade later and therefore mislead you into staying in the relationship longer than you should.

— If you have the same sensibility and values, allowing you to be yourselves and feel truly supported.

— If you have an innate ability to understand each other and to meet each other’s needs, or if NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, you’ll always just feel frustrated.

— If your man will be able to handle your emotions, or if he’ll make you feel invalidated and unappreciated (or accuse you of being “too dramatic” all the time).

–If you’ll bring out each other’s best, and help you to become better than you already are – or if you’ll AMPLIFY each other’s insecurities.

— Whether you’ll share a sense of purpose, keeping your connection strong, or if you’ll just drift apart over time.

Here’s where you can find out ALL these things.

Now, sometimes I get bad feedback on “The Right Man Report.” But I’ve noticed a pattern – when someone complains, the report has told them they’re in a difficult relationship.


In other words, they don’t like BAD NEWS.

(And really, who can blame them?)

But they love the guy they’re with, and they know that they want to stick with him. They want to know what to DO about their incompatibility. And that’s great! I’m also a big believer in the power of LOVE and the possibility for MIRACLES. My life is full of them!

So, here’s what I tell women every day…


If you feel you MUST do something, then do it. If you must stay with a man, then by all means, do what you have to do to make it work. If you feel a huge connection to a man, but your report says you’ll have huge challenges but you don’t want to give him up – then DON’T.

The reports were not designed to tell you who to marry or break up with. They are to help you SEE what your dynamics are with another human being with OPEN EYES.

I want them to INFORM your decisions, not make them for you. I want them to help you to ZOOM OUT and see a relationship from a higher perspective, and be more of a witness to it all, so you can then take the appropriate action.

You can get that kind of perspective with “The Right Man Report.”

Learn if you and your man sync up and if not, what you can do to get the MOST out of your relationship. Like how to communicate with him. How to inspire him to fulfill your needs. And how to fulfill his.

And if you’re still not happy with the news you get from “The Right Man Report,” fear not!

You have a whole 7 days to decided whether or not you want to pay for it. If you still don’t think the report is valuable to you, simply cancel within the 7 days and pay nothing.

And keep it…

It’s that simple, and it’s risk- free.

May God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

From Sarah: Carol has great help for you – and not just about Astrology – she’s a fabulous relationship coach with a huge following and so many success stories – her letters and reports are amazing –Go right here to get her free newsletters->

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