There you are…happy as can be. You just met a man that makes you feel excited about love again. The future looks wide open, and it looks like this one might actually work out :)

Every night is better than the last. You feel more connected with him than you have with anyone in the last few years. This is amazing!

You finally surrender into his arms and the clothes come off. It feels sensational! The relationship begins.

Your body lights up at the mere thought of connecting with him. You send flirty text messages and emails back and forth, and you’re off to a great start with this relationship.


You don’t quite know what it is, but things are starting to feel different. You notice he’s taking longer to reply to your messages. He answers his phone a little less often. He’s not pursuing you like he did in the beginning.

He’s withdrawing…

You can feel it, but you don’t know why it’s happening, or how to even bring it up with him…

And that’s when the relationship starts to go downhill. You begin feeling insecure and lonely, even though he’s still in your life (but barely). You know it’s only a matter of time before he tells you, “We’re just not a match”.

All those hopes and dreams you had about your future together are just distant memories now.

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Up until recently nobody really figured it out. We just assumed that this is how most men are, and there’s nothing we can do except hope we find someone who is different.

This video will reveal two things you NEED to know about:

#1 – The REAL reason this keeps happening to you (the answer will surprise you – you’ve probably never thought of this before in your life).

#2 – The simple solution that makes you so irresistible to men that he’ll not only stay with you, but grow more and more connected with you over time.

Nadine Piat is a Writer, Speaker, Coach and an expert in the field of Healthy Love, Breakup Recovery & Confidence. “I’m Nadine Piat and I have one clear mission – to inspire women to break free from the shackles of painful love and to love wholeheartedly with ease. I’m the creator of ‘Healthy You Healthy Love’ and 4 world leading online programs that teach women how to effortlessly captivate the very best men, cultivate soulful love, experience bonding and healing physical intimacy, and live a life filled with inner joy and unshakeable confidence.”

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