by Jon Benson

As all of you know, I’m committed to seeing you through this Holiday Season with less body fat and more muscle! You can do this. You do not need to use this time of year as an excuse in fact, it can be the strongest time of the year for you.

Why is that? Well, consider this: if you can actually progress between now and January 1, 2007, just think what you can do in the New Year! Imagine the confidence you would have walking into 2007 with a better body rather than entering the new year with more fat, less energy, and a blah attitude.

Let’s get started with my favorite Holiday Survival Tips

Low Calories The Day Before

Simply reducing your calories to about half your normal intake the day before a larger meal can work wonders. This way you will balance things out over two days. Just be sure to eat frequently on the low-cal day so you don’t slow down your metabolism.

Low Carbs The Day After

Reduce your carbs to about 50 grams the day after your holiday meal. Yes, that means no leftovers (I ll get to that in a second.) This will help your insulin levels return to normal, and get your fat-burning kicked off again after the feast. Be sure to get all of your carbs from veggies on this day.

Give Away Your Leftovers

This is a tip I mention every year, and it makes everyone really happy. Instead of making Aunt Edna feel bad about not taking a ton of food home with you, go ahead and accept her hospitality and then give it away to people without food that very same day. These folks are pretty easy to find if you live in a big city. If not, a few phone calls to half-way houses will be all you’ll need to do in order to really make someone s holiday very special. This also will save you from the temptation of having a ton of bad food around the house!

Keep Lean Protein High

Be sure to chow on the protein during your holiday meals. Keep the carb foods low to moderate. Spread them out over the day so you don’t eat too much all at once as well.

Drink A Ton Of Water

Drink about a quart of water prior to going to your festivities, and at least that much during and after. This will help flush the toxins through your system, and it will actually make you less hungry.

Keep Desserts To One Serving

Is it REALLY that much to ask? Enjoy a nice dessert after your protein-rich meal, but pass on the seconds. Remember, it s not the last time you’ll ever eat pie : )

Go For A Walk After Eating

Research shows that a 45-minute brisk walk after eating a high-fat meal can reverse the damage done to your arteries. Obviously it will help you feel better as well, and it improves digestion. Use this as a family time activity. Suggest a walk around a mall, or perhaps the town centre or neighborhood. Enjoy the time, and get more fit, all at the same time.

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