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This is about the match up for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer – here’s what MatchMatrix has to say about it:

“This couple has little potential. Months ago we said This is not a healthy relationship and a lot of pain is coming. If they continue to hang-on it will be for buzz and not for each other . They split in August and have recently reconnected.

This reunion will not last long, perhaps a few months.

Jennifer has True Attractions. That means her feelings are good guidance for choosing a partner. The problem is she’s not following her feelings, which means she is not attracted to John!

Let us explain. There could be 50 reasons why people get together size, shape, hair color, mutual interests, etc. Only one fits our definition of being “attracted”. That s where you re turned on energetically and can feel the flutter in your heart. She’s with him for other reasons.

John’s False Attractions are running the show.

All attractions whether True or False feel great. The difference is that when people with True Attractions follow their internal guidance they will choose someone with the same style of communication as themselves and they will feel better and better long-term with their partner.

This is the experience Maria Shriver is having with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Angelina Jolie also followed her True Attractions to choose Brad and you can see how they get along. People with False Attractions are led by what feels so good at the beginning into difficult or failed relationships and then held there by their feelings. It s very painful.

You’ll recall Madonna has False Attractions. Her strong feelings held her in the relationship with Guy Ritchie hoping she could recover what they experienced at the beginning. Unfortunately, the differences in their Lifestyle traits were masked by her False Attractions.

When those differences surfaced there was no going back. There was nothing to recover. You’ve been asking us for this, so here it is… our suggested matches for Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer: Get Jennifer together with John Cusack. This relationship is a match made in heaven… Jennifer will have the benefit of her True Attractions and they even look alike. It could give her and John Cusack everything they ever wanted in a relationship…. love, acceptance, spontaneity, creativity, great sex and total acceptance…long-term. Hey Jen, have your agent make the call.

John Mayer and Britney Spears can chase their False Attractions forever and keep ending up in the same painful place. That’s why their relationships don’t work. With this match they would find true love. Doesn’t that sound great?

The perfect energetic alignments they share will take them to a far deeper emotional connection than what they feel as an attraction. With that experience they would never want to go back to chasing attractions. The best thing would be to go dancing; there truly is the physical phenomenon of the heart-to-heart connection and they will feel it. It’s all about love.

Readers…pass this onto your celebrity contacts so we can get these couples together. Who’s right for you? Single, married or in a committed relationship, find out the truth! The MatchMatrix Relationship Report gives you all the details. This is the key to understanding what’s going on in all your relationships.

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