by Rose Cole

Everyone knows that in order to do anything, your body has to have energy. It’s so necessary that your cells can’t function properly without energy. Your heart cannot beat, your lungs cannot breathe, and your stomach cannot properly break down food. But, even if you are getting the required amount of energy for your body, if your thyroid isn’t functioning properly, you’ll always *feel* like you just can’t get a head with your energy.

So what IS your thyroid? Your thyroid is an organ that is located at the base of your neck, and you can kind of think of it as your body’s thermostat. If your thyroid is too low, then you have a low metabolism, low sex drive, and low energy. If your thyroid is too high then you have a high sex drive, your body temperature runs high, and you have trouble keeping weight on because your metabolism is too high.

Bottom line is, if your thyroid is low then you can only eat celery stick and work out every single day and STILL not lose weight.

The thing about the thyroid is that it is so integral to your life; it is like the part of your car’s engine that allows it to idle. When your car is idling, it is still running – but it isn’t moving. Same thing for your body. When you sit down in a chair, or sleep at night, your body is still running – even though you are being relatively still. Your body has to work like this, because it’s job is never really done. If your thyroid can’t keep up with what your body’s needs, nothing else in your body is going to work as well as it could be working.

In fact, you may not even realize that you have a thyroid deficiency. You seemingly have plenty of energy throughout the day, and you may not have any trouble getting through your daily workout, but in reality the energy that you are using in these activities is more adrenal based. Your adrenaline is what is getting you through. You won’t necessarily feel sluggish all the time, but if your thyroid is underactive you may notice that you need more coffee, sugar or cigarettes than normal.

A real clue that you may be having thyroid-related issues is that you are having issues sustaining your energy for long periods of time. Maybe you can’t work out quite as long as you used to, or maybe you can’t walk quite as far. If you sit down in a chair halfway through the day and you don’t want to get up – you probably have a thyroid deficiency.

If your PMS is more pronounced than it used to be – that can be another clue. And, if you are pregnant, or recently had a baby, it is *very* likely you have a thyroid deficiency.

Do your muscles feel week? Are you unable to workout anymore? Or are your workouts inconsistent? That’s your thyroid!

Does your head feel strangely heavy after lunch? Could you easily drop down under your desk for a nap? That’s your thyroid!

Basically, you either do, or you don’t have these symptoms. If you wake up feeling fully energized, can maintain your energy on a regular basis without any dips in your energy and are mentally alert, and you naturally adjust to your ideal weight whenever you try to eat healthy and exercise more – that’s a really good sign that your thyroid is okay. If you feel like your thyroid might be an issue, it probably is.

Just remember that the lab tests that doctors do are not always accurate. Let the symptoms be your clue.

So what do you do if you think your thyroid is low?

1. Do an at-home iodine patch test. Your thyroid stores a 3 month supply of iodine, and if you are iodine deficient that can cause your thyroid to be low. Click here for instructions: Iodine Patch Instructions

2. Avoid products with wheat. Wheat can suppress your thyroid.

3. Take my “10 Week Transformation Program”, where I teach you how to rev up your sluggish thyroid by making simple changes to what you eat, and doing inexpensive at-home testing.

Please pass this onto anyone who has thyroid issues! We need to get the word out that you can balance your thyroid the holistic way without medication!

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