by Michael Fiore

Today I want to talk about a BIG CONCEPT that might break your heart for a minute . . . but will definitely change the way you look at love and relationship for the rest of your life.

Ready? Good. =-) Here we go:

Heather asks: “Mike, I love your newsletter. Thanks so much for helping so many people. Here’s my question: I want my ex boyfriend back. I made a huge mistake when I let him go. How do I get my old relationship back?”

Hey Heather, I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.

The good news is that I can help you get romance and love back into your life; I can help you get the relationship you want – Now here’s the bad news . . .

The relationship you “had” with this man – the one you remember (the one that didn’t work for you) isn’t that relationship you want, the one of your dreams.

In Fact, My Message To You Is That Your “Old Relationship” Is Dead And It’s Never Coming Back . . . And That’s A Really Good Thing!

OK, that might sound confusing, so let me explain.

I get emails every day from men and women in your exact situation who desperately want to go “back in time” and get their old relationship back . . .

But the fact of the matter is that once a relationship ends . . . once you break up . . .

That Relationship Is Over . . .

And trying to get it “back” is a lot like trying to wake up a corpse . .

Useless and more than a little bit dangerous. The fact is, your “old relationship” probably ended for a reason.

Maybe you fought all the time. Maybe you were sexually incompatible. Maybe you just weren’t right for each other at the time.

But no matter why your relationship ended (even if it was in the heat of the moment during a fight) it’s dead, dead, dead . . .

And no matter what you do, what you say, what you text, how you plead, you’re never going to have that exact same relationship with that exact same person again.

Now, does that mean you can’t get your ex boyfriend “back”? Not at all.

But it does mean you need to rejigger in your mind exactly what you’re trying to do. Instead of living in the past and trying to get that old relationship back . . .

You Need To Focus On Taking Short And Simple Steps To Create A New (And Hopefully Better) Relationship With The Exact Same Person.

But for now just take a deep breathe, let go of what you had, realize that all relationships end and really think about why you want this man in your life . . .

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