brokenheartsmall.jpgFrom Sarah – I have never, ever, ever read an article like this. Everything out there is about getting your lover BACK, not leaving them – so I just had to print this – because this is something we never even want to THINK of – and yet – so often – it’s the ONLY LOGICAL thing to think of – This is from Stephanie Shields – take a look:

Do not carry on reading if you’re NOT sure you want to end your relationship. If you sometimes think that maybe that person IS for you, then you MUST give that relationship a chance.

However, if you’re absolutely sure, we will be able to show you iron clad ways to slip away with minimum fuss and hurt.

We’re going to help you ONLY if you are prepared 100% to make the big step in ending your tireless, loveless and emotionless relationship.

If you ARE prepared to leave this person you’ve been so attached to for the last however many months/years, then read on…

The biggest mistake people make when they decide to leave a lover is to make a huge fuss.

* WE DON’T want to cause them any pain.
* WE WANT to do it with minimum fuss.

But what happens when the whole thing gets out of hand because it’s not been thought out properly beforehand.

You’ve been in your relationship for more time than you care to remember. You know everything about each other. You’ve always thought of your relationship as ‘special’, but now you’re starting to panic. You’ve realised this person is no longer the person for you.

You’re starting to feel he/she is holding you back, bringing you down. You may have met someone else who brightens up your life, makes your stomach turn over when you see them. You know it’s time to end this pointless charade but don’t know how. Deal with it.

Being in a loveless relationship whether it’s marriage or someone you’ve been with for just a year or maybe even less, makes you feel like you’re just treading water, going nowhere, feeling there is nothing to look forward to.

That’s probably just how you’re feeling now, but you don’t know what to do about it, or maybe you’ve never thought about it deeply enough to realise this is where your relationship is at, but now you know, this situation needs to be dealt with.

The sad thing is: It’s making you unhappy with you life. You have nothing to look forward to, it makes everything seem pointless. You feel stressed and irritable and you take your anxieties out on your friends and colleagues which is wrong

This is why you need to end this relationship now. Feel like a new person again, back to your old self. You’ve probably forgotten who you really are.

There is only one thing to do, get out, quickly as possible, put an end to all this pretence, get on track with the life you know you deserve.

Discover the new you and end the charade today.

More from Sarah – here’s a link to Stephanie’s site, she has a very interesting book called “20 Ways To Leave Your Lover” – and there’s all kinds of free information there as well – (including freee newsletters like this one) – her aim is to guide you to make the first step to a new life, a new you and some new-found happiness ->

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  1. Traci on February 8, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Wow, this is an eye opening article. Far too often people tend to forget who they are and focus on their significant other. For years I waited for my husband to come home and then we always did what he wanted to do. I never went out or had a life of my own. Eventually I came to resent it and him. It all came to a head and we decided to part ways. If I would have known information like this was available, it would have made my transition from bored wife to single woman much more easy.

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