Is Your Guy Afraid of Commitment? Here’s How To Find Out

There are definite signs to look for to find if they guy you’re dating might be afraid of commitment:

After you meet:

  1. You may not find him that attractive, interesting, and/or irresistible
  2. The more you appear reluctant the more intense his pursuit

Once you start officially dating:

  1. He is charming, attentive, sensitive, witty, generous, protective.
  2. You learn he has a history of failed relationships, which he may rationalize as “her fault.”
  3. He makes you feel beautiful, special, intelligent, irresistible, safe.
  4. Before you are expecting it, he hints about making an exclusive commitment to each other.
  5. You test him, and he passes. Examples: He helps you move; gives up his “boys’ night out;” picks up your mom at the airport; holds you after sex….. all night; fixes you breakfast the morning after; tells you you’re beautiful when you look awful; kisses the tears from your cheeks.
  6. He easily talks of a future together, including tomorrow, next week, next year and forever.

And then he disappears…and you don’t hear from him.

How do you heal from this web of lies, deceit, false hope and fear?

  1. Open your tear-filled eyes.
  2. See this episode as a full frontal abuse of your trust and affection.
  3. Totally disengage from any and all contact with him.
  4. Run the emotional gamut from paralyzing grief to empowering rage.
  5. Then, don’t waste your suffering.

The phrase “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is,” was never truer than when you are being pursued by a commitment phobic man.

These men find it difficult, dare we say, impossible to:

  • Trust
  • Become dependent on another
  • Tolerate intimate partners who, quite naturally, want intimacy

They run the spectrum of being somewhat uncomfortable to bolting like the runaway bride when confronted with what they consider too much closeness and intimacy.

But, every single one exploits the trust of the women they woo.

It hurts. 

Yet you are the only one responsible for protecting your self-worth by embracing your dignity with an unbreakable promise to your own emotional well-being, first, last and always. This promise is your golden key to staying safe, focused and on the path that leads to your true prince. 


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