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If a woman you love is on the birth control pill this article could save her life!

I’m constantly asked these two questions in my practice:
1. Is the birth control pill safe?
2. Does the pill have other side effects other than death that could be harmful?

Some of you may have recently received the chain email about Nicole Dishuk, the woman who allegedly died from a stroke due to taking the birth control pill.

I’ve had a lot of interest around this subject, and a lot of people asking for my opinion.

You can find the original email that was sent out about Nicole Dishuk by searching her name using your favorite search engine, and you’ll see what I’m talking about with the varied opinions on the topic.

I, of course, have no way of verifying if this letter from a woman who is claiming to be her cousin is in fact “real”.

This woman who was a doctor, a wife, and a mother is helping to bring about some awareness to a subject which seems to have been swept under the rug.

There are deaths reported every year that are connected to the birth control pill, and they list “death” as one of the possible side effects right there, in plain sight, on the package, but few of us take it seriously enough.

I am outraged for this woman’s family and saddened that her two children are now left without their mother.

I always recommend that you do your research and investigate the facts for yourself before believing ANYTHING. That includes any chain emails you receive… AND any prescriptions you receive from your doctor. According to Nicole’s husband, Dan McKeon, the specialists told him that the ONLY risk factor they found in Nicole’s system which is associated with her stroke was her birth control pills. The birth control pill that Nicole Dishuk was taking was one of the formulas which contains a low dose of estrogen, which causes menstruation only 3-4 times per year.

Be aware! ALL oral contraceptives can cause dangerous blood clots.

Dr. Sidney Wolfe from Public Citizen has been quoted as saying, “We’re sacrificing every year hundreds of women who have blood clots, have to be hospitalized, and in some cases die.” Public Citizen has put the birth control pills that reduce the number of periods you get per year, and other low dose contraceptives on their “worst Pills” list because of the synthetic hormones they contain.

Most of us don’t take the whole death thing seriously though; I mean we never imagine it will happen to us. We always rationalize that the likelihood of actually DYING from taking the pill is low. But there are other reasons to do your research about oral contraception.

I get dozens of women who come to see me each year who are getting off the pill and want to cleanse their bodies from the chemicals in order to stop all of the side effects.

Possible side effects from the pill… that you may not even realize are connected:

Weight gain
Migraine headaches

The most serious risks associated with taking the pill are blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks.

These risks are increased if you smoke cigarettes, especially in women over 35. It is strongly advised that women who use oral contraceptive DO NOT SMOKE.

Can I tell you a story about my own personal experience with the pill?

Before I was even having sex my doctor prescribed the birth control pill for me because I was having really heavy periods. My doctor didn’t even tell me about the risks of taking the pill, or the potential side effects. At 16, I guess I assumed that it was safe because my parents gave me the prescription, and my parents trusted the doctor enough to give it to me, so I’m not sure if any of us really knew the potential dangers.

The potential dangers were printed right there on the package, but who really reads those anyway. We didn’t do our research, and we didn’t take responsibility for my own health. We left it in the hands of someone else… which now I realize is a big mistake.

Soon after taking the pill I started to get very depressed… for no apparent reason. I would spend days crying and experienced massive mood swings, which at first we didn’t even realize was connected to the pill.

We went back to the doctor, who gave me another pill that was reduced in strength, and thought to have less side effects. It seemed to help a little.

Then I started gaining weight. I put on 10 pounds almost over night.

For seven years, I suffered from depression, severe mood swings, and weight gain until I finally stopped taking it.

My periods did get a little lighter, but the side effects I experienced were a big price to pay to have marginally lighter periods. My doctor never checked my hormones to see if there was another reason they could have been heavy; he just gave me a pill.

It usually takes about a year when you come off the pill before your body flushes out all the hormones. But then I learned you could rid yourself of the side effects even faster using nutrition.

When I went to see a nutrition coach she taught me how to get my body back to balance using nutrition to get rid of the side effects, and it inspired me to go back to school so that I could teach other women to do the same.

On the other hand, the pill is very effective at preventing pregnancy. So what do we do if we don’t want the chemicals but we also don’t want to get pregnant?

There are other forms of non-hormonal birth control available, like condoms, the diaphragm, and the IUD, which I suggest you do research on all of these before deciding which one is best for you.

There’s also another method that you may not be aware of. I teach women a method of tracking your fertility signs on a chart so you can see when you have potential for pregnancy, and when you do not.

It’s a very simple and effective form of birth control, and the best part is its HORMONE FREE.

Positives of this form of birth control are:
You learn things about your body that will blow your mind!
No side-effects
No drugs or chemicals
Can be used to prevent a pregnancy as well as help you conceive
When done properly, it’s just as effective as other forms of birth control

From Sarah: Rose is a fantastic, experienced nutritionist. Learn more from her at her site

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