by Andrea Albright

If you’ve been stuck in yo-yo dieting for years, and you’ve noticed that it’s hard to build up muscle and lose the extra fat…

If you’re afraid that your body may never recover or bounce back to what it was, then you can probably relate to this…

Question From Reader:

Hi Andrea! Deep inside, I know what you’re saying in your book and e-mails it’s true, but after many years of yo-yo dieting I’m unable to start again because the bad habits are very difficult for me to break, and my body is so destroyed than I think it’s impossible to return the muscles and the skin their health and beauty.

I would like to know more about the ability of the body to repair and get better… and thank you very much for helping us women to gain health and lose weight, and for telling us that eating too much is, in fact, a way of filling the hole in our heart that we should fill with LOVE.

Thanks a lot, Isabel

My Response To Yo-Yo Dieting

You are so right that the hole inside of you will never be filled by eating more and more junk food.

It can only be filled with the unconditional Love and healing Light of your spirit or “higher Self”…

That part of you that is ALWAYS showering you with forgiveness and acceptance of who you are inside and out.

When you are fighting against your body, and trying to “trick” or “force” it to change, then you are sending a signal that your body is not good enough.

Endless judgment and body hatred causes destruction inside of you because it makes your mind and body’s environment more and more toxic.

You become desperate to break out of this misery, and you reach for a “quick fix” that you hope will help… even if it’s just temporary… you’ll do anything to just get some RELIEF and feel good in your body even just for a minute.

This is where you are most vulnerable to temptation, and the dieting industry knows this.

They convince you that it’s “healthy”… even though in the back of your mind and deep in your heart, you know that you are hurting your body because nothing extreme or radical can ever be permanent.

But out of desperation, you choose not to care. You just want RELIEF. You just want to feel SEXY and SAFE for ONE day…

And so you do it.

You turn to abusive dieting, extreme cleansing, procedures, or any other fad of the moment that may temporarily shrink your fat cells…

But you know that it can never last.

There’s no way you would ever be able to LIVE doing this approach because it is just too extreme.

And sure enough, all the weight that you had taken off comes right back… but this time it comes back even FASTER than before… and there’s MORE of it.

You jump onto another diet, cleanse, or ‘magical weight loss cure’ with even MORE desperation and anger at your body…

And the cycle repeats.

Each time, your body’s metabolism slows down more and more (because the reason why these radical methods work temporarily is that you lose MUSCLE every time you do it – so yes, you lose weight but it’s the wrong kind of weight)…

And your self-esteem drops down lower and lower.

Pretty soon you don’t trust yourself at all, and you feel like your body is broken.

Yo-yo dieting can destroy your body and your life if you never get help to break this negative cycle, but there is a way out.

Here’s the good news…

Your Body Wants To Heal Itself – Even If You’ve Been Yo-Yo Dieting, It CAN Heal

When you stop trying to fight against your body, and start learning to LOVE and CHERISH this ONE body that you’ve got…

You take on a new approach to losing weight that allows the body to use it’s own *magical* healing systems.

And this is how it happens…

As long as you are alive, your body is making new cells. That’s one of the definitions of life.

Regardless of how old you are, or what your body has been through, your cells are dividing and creating NEW cells all the time.

And that’s very good news because that means that these NEW cells are going to be made up of the TOOLS that you give them.

Your nutrition, your physical activity levels, your mindset, your emotions… these ALL contribute to the health and vitality of your cells.

I don’t have time to go into how all of these affect your body’s cells in this newsletter, but since you’re reading my eBook, you can see the deeper explanation in there.

Basically, you just want to remember that every day is a new opportunity to build a new YOU.

Every moment is a new opportunity to choose a new choice of health. And when you make that positive choice, the cells that are coming to life in that moment are full of this healthy vibration.

The old cells that are full of your old negative choices are dying off… and these new cells are being born that are full of health… so eventually (and very quickly!) there is an ABUNDANCE of these new healthy cells.

The old cells are dying off more and more, and the new YOU – the new Healthy YOU – is taking over cell by cell.

It’s an amazing process to go through, and I’ve seen it happen to SO many women and men of all ages, ethnicities, cultures, economic levels…

It is an experience that can happen to YOU too!

As long as you are alive, your body is building these new cells.

Be conscious of what you are feeding them. Be Loving to yourself when you fall off the path so that you can forgive yourself immediately.

Every moment that you spend in body hatred or self-destruction, you are hurting the Life process of the cells that are being born in that moment.

All you ever have is this moment.

And so the only question to ask yourself is…

How are you going to create it?

Even if you have been stuck in yo-yo dieting and abusive to your body for years, your body will heal when you give it what it needs.

That’s what it was designed to do.

Keep following the steps in the eBook. This is the exact process that I used to transform my body and my life forever. After years of emotional, psychological, and physical abuse from yo-yo dieting, diet pill addiction, extreme exercise, endless body hatred and negative thoughts…

I was set free of this yo-yo dieting destruction, and my body transformed.

With this new approach, you will see your cells vibrating with the healthy glow the way they are designed to be.

Your Friend, Love and Light,


From Sarah: Andrea’s an amazing weight loss coach with her own amazing story of how she transformed her body into the one she has now – a strong body that keeps her healthy and happy. She’s focused her life on helping others achieve the same goal. To check her out if you’re struggling with yo-yo dieting belly fat, or any other body issues – just go here->>

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