Dear friend, are you a successful, accomplished woman who is attracted to a younger man?

Do you feel bothered by the way people look at you when you’re out with your hot, young date?

Do you feel it’s unfair that people have double standards when it comes to a woman dating a younger man?

If you have any questions about dating someone younger than you, this is exactly the article you want to read to get your questions answered.

It’s common and fashionable for a successful, older man to date a young, hot woman. In most cases, the man is proud to show off his “younger” date. If she is with him, others wonder, there must be something special about this guy. Secretly, many men envy him.

Although it’s a sense of pride for men to date younger women, it’s not the case at all for a successful woman to do the same.

For a woman, is it wrong to date a younger guy, just because others think so?

Absolutely Not!

Love is not a charity. A woman doesn’t have to do what is considered right by other people. She just needs to do what feels right for her!

With that being said, there are 2 things to be cautious about when it comes to dating younger men:

#1: Make sure you’re not acting like his mother

It’s fine to give advice to a young, ambitious man who wants to make something out of himself. It’s absolutely not fine when he tries to use you for financial support. A loving relationship works out the best when there’s a balance of power. Both partners need to contribute equally to make it work.

#2: Help him develop into a mature man

When a man goes through his 20s, he normally will face a tough time developing from a young man into a mature, responsible man. If you’re dating one, it’s your responsibility to make sure that being with you doesn’t hinder him from becoming a mature and independent person.

So, don’t try to do everything for him or cater to him too much. Instead, teach him valuable life lessons by sharing your wisdom, but in the end, let him fight his own battles. That’s how he will one day transform into a strong man that you can reply upon – a true life partner.

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