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Do you feel endlessly frustrated by how you and your man never seem to feel the same thing at the same time? When you’re happy about something cool that happened, he’s had a bad day – and it drags you down…

When you’re worried about something and can barely focus and muster up any energy to get through your day, he wants to get frisky…

Are the times of “disconnect” actually getting worse and worse over time? He seems to need more and more “space” and you really need more and more love and reassurance that he’s there for you? It makes you start wondering if your love is really meant to be, or if instead you’re going to be doomed to always be on the WRONG page with your man.

Maybe, just maybe, your love isn’t destined…

Maybe it’s going to be a nice little fling or a long and hard struggle, but in the end, you’ll both go your separate ways. Ugh. I know. You don’t even want to THINK about the possibility.

This is where astrology can help you figure things out and help you to stop “banging your head against the wall.”

Here’s how it works!

The data of astrology is full of math and numbers. For example, your chart is divided into twelve sections (called houses) and each “house” has a certain amount of energy or power, which is reflected by a number. A “high” number means that the part of the life that house represents will go well and come together easily. While a “low” number means – you guessed it -that the part of the life that house represents will NOT go as well and NOT come together as easily. (And yes, there’s a “house” of partnership and the number there tells you a LOT about your love life…)

In a relationship between you and a man, there’s lots of math, too.

And in my favorite compatibility technique your relationship gets an overall score that’s the reflection of how you’ll “vibe” together. There are eight aspects of compatibility that are each given a number, and individually each number is not so “life and death” for the couple (though they can be fascinating). But the overall total number is a very important indication of the power of the relationship to be effortless, or not. The overall number is essentially a reflection of your relationship’s overall “wavelength.”

The higher the number, the more you and a man will be able to be yourselves and want the same things.

The lower the number, the less so.

Now, just as with everything in astrology, one issue for good or bad is not enough to “save the day” or “ruin the party.” In other words, the “score” you and a man receive together is not enough in and of itself to indicate if you should break up or marry. But it can be enormously helpful in understanding the COST of your relationship.

If your relationship has a high overall score you and he will naturally want the same things at the same times. Compromise will not be so necessary. You won’t have to set aside a lot of time, effort, attention, emotion, and energy to make the relationship work. Whew…

If, on the other hand, your relationship has a low overall score, you WON’T always naturally want the same things at the same times. You’ll often feel “off” or have very different needs in order to feel good together. And, I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, these relationships require the most time, attention, patience, communication, and effort to be workable. These are the couples that require both people compromise the most, and be the most healthy and mature.

Not only that, but simply being in each other’s presence can be downright draining to you both – even to the point of making you need more sleep. The more flexible you both are, and the more positive your relationship skills, the less this is an issue.

So, to learn how you and a man “score” together, and the price of being in a relationship with him, check out “The Right Man Report.”

More info HERE.

“The Right Man Report” covers fifteen areas of connection, or disconnection in a relationship. Things like:

– Whether the passion or chemistry you felt in the beginning wasn’t meant to last and will instead only mislead you.

– If you have the same sensibility – things like the same values and the same sense of humor (you might THINK you do, but if you often feel misunderstood or put “in your place” by a man, it’s likely you DON’T.)

– If you can naturally and easily understand his needs, or he yours, or if you’re doomed to always be confused by one another.

– “The Right Man Report” contains up to 11 pages of detail about every aspect of compatibility between you and a man, whether it’s someone you’re committed to now but are having difficulties with, or it’s a NEW man you want to get to know better.

The information you’ll learn will help you decide whether or not to put your energy into the relationship, and how.

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love!

Carol Allen

From Sarah: Carol has great help for you – and not just about Astrology – she’s a fabulous relationship coach with a huge following and so many success stories – her letters and reports are amazing –Go right here to get her free newsletters->

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