Is It Best To “Lean Back” In A Relationship?

One question that women ask me all the time is, “When is the right time to lean forward and reach out to a man, or should I always be leaning back?”

by Helena Hart

I always say that most of the time, you want to be leaning back in your feminine energy. The man leads, we follow.

But the great thing about this is – if you’re feeling super confident, like a total goddess who could have any man she wanted – you can do anything! It’s your VIBE that a man is picking up on.

So if you’re at a place where you’re feeling so secure that you’re not at all attached to the outcome, you can really do anything you want.

However, most of us are not always at that place. That’s why I suggest bringing it back to “zero” and leaning back 100% of the time, until really have the experience of a man’s energy coming towards you.

You want to get really comfortable leaning back and RECEIVING from a man before you even think about leaning forward.

Often what happens is, we can delude ourselves into THINKING we don’t care about the outcome, just because our urge to lean forward is so intense that we want to talk ourselves into it.

I remember always wanting to text an ex who I was still feeling very attached to. I would say to myself, “I’ll just send him a text, I don’t care if he texts me back or not…” and I would text him. Then I would lose sleep obsessively checking my phone every few minutes to see if he had responded.

If I didn’t get the response I was hoping for, I felt terrible. I obviously wasn’t at a place where I should be leaning forward like that.

That’s why I always tell women to bring it back to “zero” – you can never go wrong by leaning back.

What you want to do is reprogram your brain to where leaning back starts to feel completely natural – and it will, once you start trying it and getting incredible results!

You can’t push away the right man by leaning back. If he’s a masculine-energy man, leaning back will make him feel more attracted to you and compelled to move towards you.

So you don’t have to worry that you’re going to lose him or that he’s going to forget about you – when in doubt, lean back.

However, if you’re feeling super confident and secure and you want to experiment, you can try leaning forward in small ways.

Don’t do it while he’s working or if he’s watching TV or busy with something – that’s NOT the time to lean forward or try to “get his attention.”

But if you’re sitting with him and you want to experiment by reaching over and touching him, try it. If that causes him to move away from you and it doesn’t feel good, just reign it in and continue leaning back.

So you can experiment in small ways if you’re really at a good-feeling place and you’re wondering how the Energy Exchange works.

The important thing here is to get in touch with where you’re coming from when you do this.

If you’re coming from a place of “lack” – where you’re wanting something MORE from him that he’s not giving you right now – that’s definitely not the time to lean forward.

That’s the time to lean even FURTHER back and get into your feminine energy – your receiving mode – and focus on yourself and what’s right in front of you, not on him.

So if you haven’t heard from him in awhile and you’re starting to feel anxious, that’s not the time to lean forward and call him up or text him.

The only time to lean forward is when you’re feeling super confident and secure, and when you truly don’t care about the outcome – meaning if you don’t get a positive response from him, you won’t be devastated. Then you can experiment with the Energy Exchange a little bit.

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