datingBy Jonathon Aslay

Dear Friends,

In just a few days I will be celebrating the 2nd Anniversary of our first date.

This might be corny, but we celebrate each month. There’s something special about acknowledging the tick of the clock and the roots being developed.

Truthfully, I am SO grateful she’s in my life.

Most of you know my journey to love has had some bumps along the way.

When I first started dating after my divorce, I was kind of a serial dater. Yes it’s true, I was doing a lot of flirting and a lot of dating. Actually, I became a master at flirting.

The rush of first dates and yes the chase for sex, I did it all.

Then I met my beloved and that all changed.

The moment she opened the door, Cupid hit me with 100 arrows. Stick a fork in me, I was done.

Yes it’s true, I was smitten.

In all my years of dating I never felt this way. Well that’s not really true.

Actually, I acted smitten on so many dates it’s not even funny. There were so many times I thought I was SO into her. Came on strong. Felt amazing chemistry. Was a total romancer. Flirted like a mad man.

The rush was so intense, I thought I was in LOVE.

Then after a few dates…

Poof, I was gone.

Yes, I bolted so many times it would make your head spin.

But it was different with my beloved.

On the outside she might not have seen a difference, but there was.

In many ways I acted much like a man who was flirting, but on the inside something else was going on. Was I smitten or flirting? How could she tell the difference?

One clue was my pace.

My pace was subtle.

My pace was not rushed.

My pace was deliberate.

Pace is one of several secrets YOU must learn to know if a man is just flirting or really smitten.


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