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I’ve been hearing a lot of questions like this one lately . . .

Tish asks:


This is a bit crazy. My boy friend of 3 months just told me he has an interest in someone else but no serious commitment.

He confessed while I was texting him real dirty from your Dirty Dialogue ebook I’d purchased.

I have not responded neither have I asked any questions. He said he likes the dirtiness I’m texting to him.

I am so scared am always very shy and so reserved. That’s why I purchased your book seeking help.

What’s your suggestion. How should I deal with this?”

Fear Kills the Romantic Life

Hey Tish,

First off, stop being scared. The ONLY reason you are scared right now is that you’re feeling that you have a problem, and think there is no solution.

That’s simply not the case.

Now, it’s great that you’ve been using the Dirty Dialogue sexting material, and seeing great results.

However –

The fact of the matter is, your relationship is only 3 months old. And, if he’s bringing up the fears of “another woman” THIS early, that’s a major red flag in anyone’s book.

Don’t stand for that. I suspect that the problem is this:

The relationship is new, and you may have been texting him PURELY SEXUAL material.

And it’s VERY possible you went over board, way too soon –

(Note: Don’t worry, there’s a fix-)

Sex Doesn’t Equal Romantic Feelings

I think that, given the timing and intensity going on here, your relationship is lacking a solid romantic foundation to be built upon.

Think about it: When intensity is ALL you give, intensity is ALL you will get!

You need to sloooowwwww down your sexting, and take a new direction –

You need to use the magic of text messaging to entrance your man into stepping up and being your prince charming –

You need, above all, to instill a intimate, romantic connection between you and your man, so that you DON’T have to worry about some floozy taking him away –

But here’s the GOOD news –

You’re familiar with text messaging already, and he EXPECTS text messages from you.

This puts you 99% way ahead of the curve when it comes to making the magic of your cell phone work.

All you have to do is mix it up.

Take advantage of being a girl and share the “cliffhanger” techniques of unfinished sentences.

Start sharing (in short sentences of course, as I describe in my book) more romantic thoughts you’re having. That you were “…thinking about him and…”

Now that you’ve caught his interest with texting him using my Dirty Dialogue techniques – use your romantic imagination to communicate your interest in more of him than just his sexual parts.

And be sure to not overload him with texts.

Make sure you’re actually “responding” to his level of interest and texting – and NOT chasing after him!  If you do that, you’ll lose that whole edge you’ve been creating.

Stay Dirty,

Devian Day

P.S. I really hope this works out for you, but don’t be afraid to walk away if this guy doesn’t deserve the juicy romantic texting stuff you’re about to give him.

Your self-respect is important above all.

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