attracted to youby David Wygant

If you’re a woman, how do you know when a man is attracted to you?

Are you a woman who believes that if a man doesn’t approach you that he is not interested in you?

Do you know that a LOT of men have trouble approaching women?

A lot of men suffer from a disease they call “approach anxiety” (although I call it “self-inflicted torture!”)

In my more than ten years of coaching men, virtually every one of them seek my help in learning to conquer approach anxiety.

You should see what happens over and over again at the beginning of every one of my men’s bootcamps.

A guy will see a woman he’s attracted to and point her out to me. I’ll tell him to immediately go over and talk to her.

What does he do? He’ll stand there like he’s wearing concrete shoes . . . and do nothing. He’ll hesitate.

By the time he finally decides to walk over to the woman, she’s usually made a sudden right instead of a left and has disappeared. He lost his opportunity to approach her.

See, you’ve got to understand that in some ways men and women are built the same. Having a fear of approaching the opposite sex is one of those ways.

Even If He’s Attracted To You – He May Not Know What To Do About It

Many men have a lot of trouble approaching women, and many times women are very unapproachable.

So the next time you see a guy looking at you whom absolutely makes your heart go “thump thump,” I can guarantee you that he is attracted to you as well and that his heart is also going “thump thump.” Stop wondering in this situation if a man is attracted to you.

With that doubt eliminated, you need to put yourself out there just a little bit.

Help guys out a little!

It’s very important to give guys a couple of signs so they know you’re interested.

Women almost always sit back and wait for guys to do all the approaching.

Women spend a lot of time hoping men will approach and waiting to see if men they’re attracted to will approach them.

The problem with this is that when you’re a “waiter” in life, you never get what you want.

If You Smile At Him Enough For Him To Notice – He’ll Be Even MORE Attracted To You

So the next time you see a really attractive man, smile at him – not once, but twice.

When you smile at a man twice, he might actually take the hint and get up the guts to talk to you.

You need to understand the mindset of a man when you’re thinking about this . . . and the mindset of a man in this situation is terrified. As he quakes in his pants, he freaks out about being unable to approach you and feels like he doesn’t know the right thing to say even if he did.

If you were able to be a fly on the wall and listen to what men say during each one of my bootcamps, you would absolutely be amazed at what you’d hear.

If you could do this, you would understand that men sit around all the time and wonder what the most clever thing is to talk to you about when they approach you.

The fact is most men still don’t realize that they can just walk over and say “hello” to a woman to strike up a conversation.

So the next time you see a guy that you’re attracted to, make it a little easier for him and see what happens!

Sincerely, David

From The Editors: David Wygant is the real deal – he’s SO helpful because he’s a man – and because he coaches men – and so he knows how men think, how they work, how they operate – and what they want. He can help you over come your shyness quickly, and help you shift your “mindset” so you can totally transform your dating life and get so many more men attracted to you with his free newsletters right here->

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