true love

by Carol Allen

If you wish there was a way to tell if a man is the right man, able to handle you, and be there for you when you need him most – I have good news for you…

There is!

Astrology can tell you this and so much more, if you know how what to look for.

In Vedic astrology, this is revealed by knowing a man’s temperament… and how it meshes with yours – or doesn’t.

Has This Ever Happened to You When You’re Wondering About the Right Man?

You’re seeing a man and it’s going great…

He calls when he says he will.

He makes plans in advance.

He pays for dinners and movies!

He’s a great kisser… and other stuff…

You feel so good with him, and know he really likes you.

You start to trust you can be yourself with him.

You begin to drop your guard.

You’re getting comfortable.


It’s so nice.

One day, you’re upset about something.

So you tell him about it.

You’re really animated and emotional.

It’s so great to be able to share what you’re going through.

Isn’t that what relationships are for?

To share everything, and be there for each other?

You wait for him to do something to help, like tell you he understands, or that he would feel the same way, or that you’re right…

But, to your surprise, he gets quiet.

He doesn’t comfort you.

He doesn’t take you in his arms.

He doesn’t do anything to make you feel better at all.

In fact, he makes you feel MUCH WORSE than you already did – by completely shutting down.

You don’t know what went wrong.

And you don’t know what to say or do to turn back the clock, and not tell the story that made him “go away…”

What the hell happened?

Many things might have happened, but what’s likely is that you have discovered you and your guy have different temperaments.

When two people have different fundamental temperaments, it makes it hard for them to truly GET each other.

It can show up in little ways and big ones.

The little ways are things like:

He doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

He doesn’t enjoy the same movies or TV shows as you.

He doesn’t like the way you decorate your home, and would’ve chosen a different style of furniture or wallpaper…

The big ways are things like:

He’s embarrassed by how you behave in social settings, or you’re embarrassed by him.

He tries to get you to be more “appropriate” or “loosen up.”

He tells you your feelings are wrong, or that you should change something inherent to your personality.

Worst of all, like in the story above, he won’t be able to comfort you when you’re emotional…

So when you’re MAD, or HURT, or UPSET, or FRUSTRATED, instead of being able to help you feel better, he’ll SHUT DOWN or make you FEEL WORSE.


Why is this? What’s going on?

In Vedic astrology, the emotional/psychological nature of a person is indicated by their Moon sign.

But not the twelve signs you’re thinking of…

The twenty-seven signs, which are the original signs in all of astrology, and are smaller clusters of stars within the larger twelve signs.

There are many deep, specific, insightful aspects to each of these twenty-seven signs, and one of them has to do with what’s called “race” but really means “temperament.”–>

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