Investing In The Invisible

flyingmoney1by Chellie Campbell

I live happily each day in joyful expectation of positive outcomes!

Ahhhh. That one feels good, doesn t it? You know who made up that affirmation? Me. I had forgotten it, but I signed up to receive my own daily inspirational emails from my book The Wealthy Spirit and found it again…

I do over 100 affirmations most days. Sometimes I get bored, or stuck, or I read too much bad news that day, or I get more nos than yeses or some shark attacks me and then somehow the affirmations turn into desperations and yikes! I ve got to regroup, slap myself, and snap out of it. I look for new truths, new energy, and new positive statements to help create my day the way I want it to go.

So it s pretty funny when the new affirmation I ve been searching for shows up in my in-box and it s one I already made up! I posted this one on a yellow sticky on my computer so I can be reminded each day that I m either operating from fear or faith. Everything is faith though, isn t it? Fear is just faith in bad things happening. You can find proof of that if you want to, but I d really rather find happy things to believe in. A Chinese philosopher said it this way: This season is my best ever, this year is my best year, this moment is the best moment.

Try it. Radiate joyful energy and the positive expectation of joyful news. Share your smiles and good energy with others. And then watch what happens!

Investing in the Invisible

They are ill discoverers that think there is no land, when they can see nothing but sea. Francis Bacon (1561-1626, British Philosopher, Essayist, Statesman)

If you re a business owner, you might be surrounded by sea, but you know there is land out there somewhere and you are determined to find it. You are investing in the invisible the land you can t see yet is the land of your dreams, your goals, and your brilliant, successful future filled with riches, profits, and rewards. If you re thinking of becoming a business owner, you re thinking about investing in that same invisible, glorious dream.

Either way, all the financial advice you re getting in the media right now is wrong. Save your money. Pay off your debt. Don t buy anything wait until it s clear the market has hit bottom. (Trust me, by then the savvy investors will have bought all the bargains.)

70% of the economy is consumer spending, and consumers spend when they re making money and feeling secure. When they keep getting bad news about the economy, they get scared and feel insecure, they put on the brakes. Everyone is doing affirmations about the economy these days it s just that they re all negative ones! So you need to be one of the ones spreading Wealthy Spirit Wisdom do joyful affirmations like I am rich and wonderful! and I am a successful money manager! and believe in yourself and your dream.

Years ago, I listened to a successful business owner talk about how she grew her $3 million a year manufacturing business. At one point, she turned to the audience and said, To grow a large business, you have to get more and more comfortable with bigger and bigger negative numbers. Scary, maybe, but true. You have to invest capital in expansion more space, more equipment, more marketing, more help. And most business owners borrow money to do that. Bill Gates didn t build MicroSoft on his savings. He got the Bank of America involved. Steve Wynn didn t build the Mirage, Belagio, and Wynn hotels in Las Vegas without construction loans from banks.

So when business owners tell me they have cut back on their marketing, or they aren t willing to borrow money to grow because they don t want to be in debt, I worry for them. Either you believe in yourself and your business, or you don t. If you believe in yourself, you know that you have to spend money to make money. You need to do even more marketing in a slowdown than you do in boom times. Who cares if you have some debt right now? Cash flow varies when you re in business – that s why you have a credit line. Pulling back isn t going to get your more customers or more profits. No one coasts uphill.

If you see a business opportunity you want to invest in, don t pass it up because you d have to borrow money to do it. This isn t consumer spending that the financial advisors are warning against it s building your successful business of the future. It may be invisible today, but you must invest in your vision or it will never become visible. Yes, you want to make sure that you have a plan for how to be profitable and pay back the loan eventually, too. But if the business plan is sound, if you re passionate about the work, if you re willing to do the work, then go for it! As Douglas Everett said, There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there are those who turn one into the other.

The banks got billions of bailout dollars from the government, i.e., you, the taxpayer. When you put money in savings, where is it? The bank. When you pay off your credit cards, or credit lines, or your mortgage, where is it? The bank. The banks have all the money, y all. But when you borrow from them to start or build your business, the banks give the money to you.
Now that s the way it should be!

Love and blessings, Chellie

Chellie Campbell, Professional Speaker and Author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire has been teaching Financial Stress Reduction Workshops since 1990. The Wealthy Spirit was a book-of-the-week on the Doctor Laura Schlessinger radio show and a GlobalNet book-of-the-month selection. She has been quoted in Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Woman’s World, and Essence, and more than 40 popular books. You can find her at

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