Improve your relationshipby Christian Carter

Continued from Part 1 of How to Improve Your Relationship with One Question.

So, to pick up where we left off, let’s move on from discussing the way in which your relationship is falling apart to figuring out how to improve your relationship.

Now, there are about 50 things I could tell you about how men are at fault and create these problems in your relationship. But that won’t help you improve your relationship. You’ve already spent hours thinking about this and have a lot of your own ideas. So, I’m NOT going to talk about what’s going on with men. Not yet.

Right now we’re going to talk about YOU.


Because thinking about YOURSELF is the first step towards real GROWTH and AWARENESS in EVERY RELATIONSHIP you have in your life. You could spend days, weeks, months or years worrying about a man, what he thinks, and why he does the things he does. But if you want to be smart and really improve your relationship…

Then you’ll make sure you have things handled for yourself first.

Let’s get to that one question that can improve your relationship with a man instantly.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Any Man

If you’re at the most basic levels of what I call “emotional maturity” in your life, then you’ve started to recognize something very important and significant about yourself…

You’ve recognized that you have a few PATTERNS in your relationships. Of course, some of these patterns are positive traits that bring benefits, center around your personal preferences, and involve things you bring into your life CONSCIOUSLY and for good reason. But the reality is these aren’t the only kind of patterns you have in your life.

You also have a special group of “negative patterns”. Patterns that you save just for MEN.

So, let me ask you a very simple question.

It’s a question that could very well change the course of your love life IMMEDIATELY and improve your realtionship immeasurably.

The Key Question to Help You Improve Your Relationship

Do you know your “negative patterns” in relationships with men?

You might have a few of these that you already know about that you can rattle off in your head right now without really thinking about it.


You already know about these patterns and this knowledge still doesn’t seem to be helping you if you’re running into the same issues and situations again and again. What you already know isn’t going to help you learn and grow past these situations with men for good.

You need to expand your PERSPECTIVE.

That’s why I’m looking for the patterns that you DON’T see right now, and that you aren’t CONSCIOUS of.

Here’s where we’re going to take ACTION…

Right now, I want you to give yourself the time and space for the next 5 minutes to think about your own patterns in your past or present relationships with men. And, I want you to put everything else aside just for a few short moments while you focus on YOURSELF.

By the way, if you don’t have time to do this now, then you probably never will, and you’ll be at a loss as to how to improve your relationships present and future.

And, I know it’s a simple question, but the AWARENESS and GROWTH that can come from your answer is what’s going to change your love life immediately.

So now that you’ve made the time, I want you to think about the following –

The Best Way to Improve Your Relationship

I want you to come up with at least TWO of your own negative relationship patterns with men. And I don’t just mean patterns that are really about men… such as “I always pick men that are clueless about loving relationships.” This is focusing on HIM, not YOU.

I mean something like “I meet men and quickly spend all my time with them. But soon I see that I’ve  ‘lost myself’ and I am not able to have a healthy balance. And inevitably, we end up breaking up and I resent all the time I spent on the relationship and him, instead of spending more time on myself.”

That’s one common example lots of women have experienced.

Now, it’s your turn.

I want you to come up with 2 other patterns that have to do with YOU and things that come from YOUR THINKING or BEHAVIOR.

I’m going to give you a few minutes to do it now.

Tomorrow we’ll get to Part 3 of this article and continue discovering how to improve your relationship by avoiding absolutes and symptoms.

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