Improve Your Relationshipby Christian Carter

If you read this article and answer just one simple question below, you will have the ability to improve your relationship with a man IMMEDIATELY.

Here goes…

Ever notice how a man will “court” you, pursue you, and do all kinds of romantic things to win your heart… But, after a little while, the romance, passion, and intimacy that he used to create, starts to “fizzle out”?  You feel committed and want to improve your relationship.

If you’ve found yourself in a situation with a man who was a great guy but who started acting immature, depending on you for too many things (and didn’t appreciate you for them) and all the while you kept giving more and more to try and make things work better and keep you closer… then you need to try my steps to improve your relationship.

Before We Talk about How to Improve Your Relationship

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar…

You meet a great guy and start dating.

The “chemistry” is AMAZING.  He’s into connecting and sharing… even on that emotional level where other men often fall flat. You grow closer, and you start to believe that maybe you’ve finally found that amazing friend, companion and lover all in one.  He’s listens and pays attention to you and what’s going with you in a way that few men you’ve met can.

Since you’re both so close, he starts to depend on you for a few things in his life… and you’re happy to help him since you really care about him and are a generous and loving person.

But, as time goes on, something starts to “shift”. It starts with small things…

He starts acting a little differently, stops doing a lot of the things that made you admire and respect him. Somehow, he seems less confident, present, and “connected” with you.

And then you notice…

There’s something different about how he depends on you. You feel “drained” with him and with the relationship more and more… but you know that a relationship is about give and take, so you keep giving and have faith that things are going fine.

More time passes and…

The Clear Signs that You Need to Improve Your Relationship

You see that he isn’t appreciative of all the things you’re doing for him and your relationship. In fact, it feels like he’s starting to take more and more of it for granted. He seems LESS APPRECIATIVE of you and your relationship.

He starts depending on you more, without any real thanks or reciprocation. You sense that there’s a kind of needy “childishness” inside him that’s becoming clearer.  You want to be there for him… but you also want that fun, strong, playful, loving, confident man back who was there before things changed.

With all this going on, you’re not exactly sure of what to do about it or what’s going on for him that’s making him act this way.  But you are sure that you need to do something to improve your relationship.

You feel like everything’s about making sure he’s happy. Which of course doesn’t leave much room for what’s going on for YOU.

So, you finally decide to take it into your own hands to improve your relationship, to talk to him about what’s going on.

Your First Attempt to Improve Your Relationship

You go over in your head what you’re going to say to him about what’s been going on for the last several months. You’re sure that he’ll see what’s been happening and all the things you’ve been doing for him and the relationship, and he’ll give you some understanding.

But when you talk to him, it doesn’t work out this way… AT ALL.

Instead of hearing you and your intentions to get things back to a better place between you two, he just becomes frustrated, irritated and DEFENSIVE. He makes you feel like you’re “nagging” him and creating “drama”. Instead of helping you improve your relationship, he acts like you’re the one being ridiculous and withdraws.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, it’s a common experience lots of women have in relationships with men.  But now I’m going to tell you how to change your situation.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking more on how to improve your relationship and how you might be the problem, not him!

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