In Love & Relationships, Feminine Introverts Have The Advantage

I talk with women of all different personality types everyday.

by Jen Michelle

There are so many beautiful qualities to each one of us, and my work as a coach is to help you access yours to create the life and love you want on a deep intimate level.

What I’ve found more often than not is that if you’re a more quiet, introspective woman, you’ve felt that this part of you was not acceptable.

That you’ve needed to change somehow or show up differently.

We’ve been told that we need to be prepared to match the forceful more dominant personalities we’ve come to know whether it’s professional or personal.

How are we supposed to compete with the type of aggressive, achievement based, win at all costs type of women that we’ve been taught we have to be to get ahead?

If we don’t match this energy, we’re going to miss out and be the one left behind.

Before you know it, we’re panicking.

We tell ourselves that something must change, we must do something so we’re not the last one standing.

Being ourselves is drastically underestimated and undervalued in the world we live in.

We have the opposite constantly reinforced.

This is even more profound if you’re a more quiet, inward, and introspective type of person, especially for a woman who’s being constantly told by the world that there’s a shortage, and she’d better hurry up before she misses her only chance.

We’re told that we’re missing something, and we’ve got to get to work on going out and getting it.

We’re also told that we have to do it before everyone else so that we’re not left all alone.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease…The loudest or most forceful voice dominates…if you want something then you’ve got to go after it immediately…

We take so much action out of fear, and we lose who we are in the process.

The part of us that is deeply connected, intuitive, centered, trusting, and naturally anchored in a truth that goes far beyond what we can physically see happening.

What if you were able to reconnect with this innate power within you?

The power that has always been there, but was suppressed or masked because you were told it wouldn’t get you very far, or that it wasn’t enough.

How would it feel to see your inner quiet, your introspective ways, your ability to easily turn inward as an advantage in attracting the love you want?

This is where everything you desire quietly lies…

Things to know in accessing your introverted nature:

Introverts connect with their lovers by taking things slow and deliberate.

They intuitively know how and when to recharge their internal battery

Subtle sensuality instead of big bold moves…

Knowing yourself and being able to communicate it, is the best way to relate and maintain balance with an extroverted man.

Being open and honest about your feelings and needs instead of suppressing or masking them.

Don’t judge yourself for being “different.”

Using texts is a great way to engage in new stages of intimacy to access more of your “quiet.”

It may take a little practice to rediscover “her” and to allow yourself to take the time to feel into who she is and what she wants to say.

Texting allows exactly that, the time and introspection to check in and see how we feel first…then what we want to share….rather than a rushed or less than quality response.

With Love,

A note from Jen: “As a Certified Relationship Coach with a Masters in Social Work, my passion is helping my clients figure out what’s not working in their relationship and their lives and getting them back on track. I have techniques, scripts and personal experience that you can learn from and use to turn your love life around to find and keep the man of your dreams.” Her powerful program, “When He Walks Through The Door” applies to any stage of love, whether you’re dating, in a new relationship, or want to attract a man back!

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