jealousyHow do we rekindle those amazing feelings of love that we felt at the beginning of our relationship?

Here are ten powerful and practical ways that you can bring back those feelings and improve your relationship.

Our romantic relationships have the potential to bring us great happiness but can also be the source of great pain and suffering.

At the start of a relationship we fall “head over heels” in love and it seems that our dream has come true.

Unfortunately these joyous feelings can fade and then we struggle to feel love for our partner. And you don’t want that to happen for him.

So how can we re-discover those wonderful feelings that we experienced at the start of the relationship?

Here are ten things you can do that will improve your relationship and will allow you to fall in love with your man again – and make sure that he STAYS in love with you!

Ten Things to Improve Your Relationship:

1. Relationship difficulties may be painful but they represent the best chance you and your man have to heal your insecurities and build a better relationship.

Within each problem is an issue that both of you have, that is driving you apart – try to see problems as opportunities for improving the relationship. The trick is to find out what the emotional issue is at the heart of the problem.

2. Whenever you feel emotional pain in a relationship, resist the temptation to move away from your man in an emotional way.

The last thing you want to do is go “cold” or create distance.

This is the very time you need each other. Take courage and move towards your man both physically and emotionally.

You might be surprised that you start to feel for him again just by moving past your own blocks to intimacy.

And once you go first – his feelings will automatically open up for you!

3. Communication about feelings and fears is what heals relationships.

Always make this your objective. Try to find out what your partner is feeling. – NOT by asking him questions about what he’s feeling – most men feel intruded upon when you try to “get at” what’s bothering him – but by expressing your OWN feelings with honesty and sensitivity.

In other words – you express how whatever’s going on in the relationship feels to YOU – in very specific words that don’t blame him, make him wrong, or tell him what he “should be doing.

If you open up first – you’ll automatically encourage your man to do the same. You may be shocked and surprised at how quickly and thoroughly he starts to open up to you!

Remember even bad behavior is a form of communication!

4. Nobody can make you feel anything that you’re not already feeling subconsciously.

It’s hidden and unhealed emotional pain that is triggered by your man’s behavior. AND – it’s the same for him!  He’s triggered by YOUR behavior – even if it’s the most loving, kind, sweet and nurturing behavior imaginable.

Be willing to gain emotional awareness, take responsibility and heal your insecurities without making HIM responsible for your feeling “secure.”

As Gandhi said – “Be the change you want to see in the world” – the same applies in a relationship.

5. Appreciate your man for all his strengths, gifts and beauty – tell him and show him how much you love him –

But be careful not to have an “agenda” about it. In other words – don’t be “just saying” things in hopes he’ll say them back to you.

This is what you did when you fell in love with him, and it will work throughout your relationship. There’s no reason that the Honeymoon stage of a relationship can’t last forever.

6. If you feel let down by your man or feel that he’s not giving you something important in the relationship, give him exactly the thing you are lacking.

Almost magically he’ll then give you the same thing back!

7. Sex can be a beautiful celebration of love in a relationship – this is why we call it making love!

Allow sex to move from a purely physical experience to one that is full of shared emotion – pour love into YOURSELF as well as into your man as you have sex and make strong eye contact. If you have a spiritual belief, you can take sex to the highest Tantric level of physical, emotional and spiritual connection, where it feel like you become one with your man.

8. If you have had a fight, apologize for any of your own bad behavior and recognize that your man will also be feeling bad.

Move toward him, forgive and re-connect as soon as you can. Start the meaningful communication about what lies at the heart of the argument.

9. If you are having really big problems in your relationship and you believe in a higher or spiritual power, then ask for help and guidance.

In this way you will find the inspiration to work through the most tragic or painful situations. If you do not have a spiritual or religious belief, ask for help from your higher or intuitive mind.

10. Relationships fail because we allow a distance to appear between us and our partner.

What we give in a relationship is what we receive. How much are you unconditionally giving to your partner? Give to your partner without any expectation of receiving and you will soon find that the joy and love returns to the relationship.

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